Hostinger is the New Star in Hosting Providers (Review)

Founded in 2004, Hostinger is a fast growing web hosting company. The company has 8 data centers across the globe run by more than 200 employees. According to their official data, they have approximately 29 million users from across different countries. The company receives over 20,000 sign-ups every day. Moreover, the company has 39 service locations around the world.

It’s known for offering developer-friendly, affordable web hosting services along with state-of-the-art features and prompt customer service.

So, if you are wondering whether Hostinger really matches this quality, read this post till the end. I have reviewed its various services so you can get a better idea whether the Hostinger is really worth buying or not!

Hostinger Services:

Hostinger majorly provides 2 types of web hosting services that are: VPS hosting and Shared Web Hosting. Also, they offer SSL certification and domain registration.

Its shared hosting has been designed keeping the needs of users in mind looking for budget-friendly hosting solutions. Since the company has its own unique cloud infrastructure, it provides hosting services at a very affordable price.

Coming to the VPS hosting, Hostinger has a wide range of packages to choose from. Each package has its owns set of feature; you can select as per your requirement. While evaluating their domain registration service, I found that the company is accredited with ICANN making company more reliable in terms of domain registration.

In my further analysis, I noticed that Hostinger offers various value-added features to users without charging extra such as Hostinger Reviews & Tutorials, Affiliate Program, Website Builder and Smart Domain Availability Checker. These tools and services seem quite useful, especially for new users.


Pricing is the first thing any user would consider while choosing a web hosting company. You would not want to pay more than your planned budget, so it is necessary to choose a cost-effective host. However, it should not mean you’re compromising with the low-performance host.

Before selecting a plan look at the bundle of features as well. Make sure you are not missing any important feature for saving a few pennies.

Talking about the Hostinger pricing, I must say that it is one of the most affordable hosting companies in the industry. All its packages come with affordable pricing without compromising on features. Its basic package starts with $2.15 per month whereas the premium package price is $7.95. The best part is, its prices do not change upon renewals no matter which package you have chosen.

You can see a full comparison of each plan on the Hostinger Pricing Table.

Coming to the features, Hostinger basic package comes with 10GB Disk Space and 100GB Bandwidth limit. Since the plan is designed for only 1 website, it has limited features. Nevertheless, its Premium and Business carry some amazing features such as Free automated backups, Anti-theft and Malware protection; Free assisted website transfers, etc.

I can say Hostinger is a fine hosting option for all kinds of websites.

Hostinger User-Friendly Features

As said earlier, Hostinger offers a wide range of features. Now it is time to evaluate them in reality.

All its packages come with complete access to cPanel which is both intuitive and easy to access. In cPanel, you can find all the information related your hosting packages such as nameservers for your domain, email and FTP details. Moreover, all its packages have auto installer features with the option of 100+ auto-install scripts to choose from. The installation procedure is very simple and smooth. Anyone with basic coding knowledge can use them.

Evaluation of Performance

So far, Hostinger seems perfect in almost every aspect of web hosting. Let’s evaluate it on the basis of performance as well.

Host’s Response Time

I reviewed the research conducted by lots of other review sites to analyze the actual response time of Hostinger in different servers and platforms. In their researches, the minimum response time recorded for a simple HTML website was 19ms (Server US (E ) ) while the maximum time was 390ms (Banglore).

Speed With Website Builder

Furthermore, I found that the speed was not distressed too much for sites built in the website builder. Although the response time got increased by a couple of milliseconds yet that was negligible.


Uptime is the count of uninterrupted time a hosting system experience. Generally, it is calculated based on the number of hours your website remains accessible to users.  And is expressed as a percentage.

Let’s find out how Hostinger stands in this category.

To track my server’s uptime, I used a tool called ‘Uptime Robot.’ It tracked my website’s performance after every 1 minute over the course of three months. I was amazed to see that a low-cost hosting service provider like Hostinger can provide 100% Uptime.

If you want to see the statics of Hottinger’s Uptime on the real-time basis, click here.

Customer Support

Regardless of the type of hosting plan you have chosen, it is necessary that you receive adequate amount customer support every time you need it.

Hostinger offers two ways to get in touch with its customer support representatives that are Live Chat support and Ticket/Email support. Let’s analyze them.

Live Chat: I had very good experience with their Live Chat Support System. I waited in the queue for 2 minutes before starting the conversation. The representative I was interacting with was very knowledgeable with excellent writing manner.

All I can say that their 24/7 Live chat gives you access to deluxe live support.

Ticket Support System: Their ticket support is equally good, you can access it simply by filling a form that is available on their official website. You need to fill your personal detail along with your query.

Lack of phone support is the biggest disadvantage of Hostinger. Nevertheless, overall customer support is quite prompt and reliable.


I can say Hostinger seems a good option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly hosting option without compromising on performance. Since every company comes with some benefits and drawbacks, I would suggest doing thorough research to find the best company matching all your requirements.