Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review – Cheap and Affordable VPS Hosting for any Business

In this current scenario where technology is developing at a rapid pace and with an increased number of online business start-ups, owning a website is an essential for the business owners. To maintain the website on the worldwide web one has to get a web hosting service from the millions of web hosting providers. Choosing a web hosting is a daunting task for the small business owners who are just starting.

After having a little bit of research have come across one such web hosting company that provides affordable web hosting plans without diluting the services and quality of essential resources. I am going to walk you through the cheap VPS hosting plans that Host1plus web hosting offers through this article.

Brief Overview and Background of Host1Plus

Host1Plus is one of the oldest hosting providers from London and was founded in 2008 by Vincentas Grinius and Andrius Kazlauskas with the intent to provide high-value hosting services worldwide. As such, Host1Plus is one of such companies today that has been owned by some high values like Reliability, Stability, and Solid Customer Service. Host1plus provides other services like Domain Registration, Reseller Hosting, and SSL Certificates apart from Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting services.

What is VPS hosting and why you need one?

VPS the short form of Virtual Private Server is technically a mimic of dedicated hosting server in a shared hosting environment. That means you own an entire portion of a server in a sharing environment rather than sharing the same server with others. Normally VPS hosting is useful if you have a website that has decent traffic to moderate traffic and also if you are concerned about the security.

If you can compare VPS hosting from that of a Share hosting, it like an apartment in which you own the flat and parking slot, and you have a full control of your interiors of your own flat. In the Other hand, Shared hosting is like a flat you are living in an apartment, but you don’t own it and have limited or no chance of having you own interiors.

In the above explanation, you can replace the amenities and interiors with RAM, CPU, and Disk space/storage. So in VPS web hosting you get your resources and that are not guaranteed to use by you alone and obviously it cost a bit more than shared hosting.

Why should I opt for Host1Plus VPS Plans instead of competitors?

There are many companies that offer quality VPS hosting plans, but Host1plus is one such company that offers cheap VPS plans at most affordable prices. Host1plus offers you to host unlimited domains on your VPS and also provides root level access.

Apart from pricing, Host1plus has got quality customer support team and it quite obvious to check this before you buy any hosting plan.

Here are some the important features that Host1plus offer

  • Full Root Access
  • DNS Management
  • Scalable Resources
  • Popular Linux OS
  • Virtual Console Access
  • Geolocated IPS
  • rDNS Configuration
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Solid Security
  • High Availability
  • Server Locations Worldwide
  • Live Statistics

Here is a brief comparison chart of VPS plans of Host1plus with few of the competitors that offer quality VPS hosting plans.

What are the Various VPS Plans that Host1Plus Provide and their features?

Once you have chosen the Service provider with whom you want to host your website with, it is very crucial to select the best plans they offer. This is done by evaluating your present situation of resources needed and does the company offers any upgrades within the current plan with some extra payment and all. This is exactly what Host1plus is more focused on the client or customer tailored plans for any need.

Here is a list of 6 VPS plans that Host1Plus offers and their Pricing

All the plans above has following important features

  • SSD Caching
  • Intel Xenon Processors
  • 500 Mbps uplink
  • OpenVZ Virtualization technology
  • 2 Free Backups
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support

How to buy a VPS Hosting Plan from Host1plus and the Payment methods that are on offer

From the above picture you can see that Host1plus offers you an option to select the server location of your choice from the list of 5 locations. For this example, I have selected the basic “Amber” Plan, and you can see at the bottom that default as this does not select the “recommended” is common in many other web hosting and turn they bill you even though you didn’t opt them on your own.

From the Billing cycle, it is quite clear that you get the best possible discounts with the longer duration of billing cycles you opt for. You can save a maximum of 20% if you can opt for a 24 months period and it is a quite a good savings.

Host1plus allows you to pay the bills through PayPal, Credit card, Paysera and Bitcoin payment. Host1plus is one of such companies that have more choices regarding payment modes.

Host1Plus VPS Client Area


From the above picture you can see clearly on how you can access, customise and use the most user friendly dashboard/client area.

How is the Customer care Support?

As discussed above, if you get good VPS hosting itself can’t satisfy your needs and there doesn’t end the game. A good VPS hosting plan should always have a solid customer care support if and when you needed any little to critical help in your configurations, maintenance and monitoring of servers required a helping hand. Host1plus provides 3 levels of support as shown in the above picture and it is up to you to choose the one that best fits your need.

Final Verdict

If you are a serious about your business and have confident that your business is an ever growing one, and then it is highly recommended getting a quality hosting plan with least restrictions possible in terms of resources use and allocation. So VPS hosting is the better plan to start with if you plan to have a medium to moderate traffic website along side solid security and server resources.

In my personal opinion, the VPS web hosting plans offered by Host1plus looks the most cheap and affordable when compared to other top players in the market. If you have anything to share or have further queries and suggestions regarding Host1plus VPS hosting, you can please share them in the comments section below. We would also request other experts who are already have their websites hosted with Host1Plus to share their valuable experience.