Host1Plus VPS Hosting – Exact Option for Business Vendors

Are you starting a brand new business? Do you wanna create a web presence for it? If I guessed your needs exactly, then I’d say that you’re at the right place to grab some beneficial information. Yes, your website should look authoritative and give a good impression to your customers. Do you agree with me? You have to!

So, how will you build a professional website for your business? Definitely, you will have to choose a proficient web hosting provider to support your site. Moreover, if you suppose to have huge visitors to your commerce website, then you should go with VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

There are a lot of web hosting providers out there, but all of them are not providing the level of service that your site requires. Besides, when you choose the hosting service, it would be good to consider some important factors like the amount of storage, bandwidth, .htaccess files, uptime, tech support and so on.

You might get confused to pick the best web host as there exist many web hosting services on the market. To crack your hitches, I’m here with an exact solution for you. Yes, it’s Host1Plus web hosting provider and its competitive VPS hosting service for your high-traffic website.

Let’s have an in-depth discussion on the reliable hosting provider, Host1Plus and the highlights of its VPS hosting service through this post. I hope this information would end your web host chasing actions.

Few Words about Host1Plus

Host1Plus, the provider of inexpensive web hosting was founded in the year 2008. This international web hosting provider is based in London, UK which gained the trust of thousands of customers as it is suitable for all sized businesses. Offering many services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud-based hosting and dedicated servers is the distinctive feature of Host1Plus.

                       host1plusYou’ll get one click application auto-installer from this consistent hosting service with which you can build your online project easily. Moreover, it provides the optimized security tools and SEO hosting options to ensure the best performance of your business site. Out of all, Host1Plus has an excellent customer care team who are ready to help you at any time.

Host1Plus’ VPS Hosting – Reliable VPS hosting

VPS Hosting from Host1Plus is a powerful hosting for power-hungry business sites. It has an enormous price/performance ratio with excellent elasticity features to enlarge your VPS capacity. Hosting limitless account of domains is a notable feature of Host1Plus VPS hosting where you’ll get root access to the server.

To build your unique VPS, it has 4 exciting pricing plans named Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum at affordable monthly cost. As it servers are located at five different locations worldwide, you may select the nearest server place to get fast connection. Not only the location, it is more likely to choose the bandwidth, CPU, RAM and HDD + SDD according to the applications and traffic of your website.

For better understating, have a look at the below image to grab the pricing plans for Host1Plus VPS hosting.


Best Features of Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Below are the remarkable features of Host1Plus VPS hosting service that helps to stand out from the crowd

  • Excellent flexibility as it works on all major Linux OS.
  • Dedicated IP account to boost the SEO of the website.
  • Possibility of hosting unlimited no. of domains of your business.
  • Allow the users to install the applications with root-access capabilities.
  • Impressive affordable plans with multiple configuration options.
  • Several premium data centers with quick to respond customer support.


When planning an online expansion strategy for your business, choosing a reliable web hosting provider is a critical task. So, more care should be given to choose a hosting provider by considering the factors like page loading speed, security features, flexibility, ability and control that are considered as the pillars of your business growth.

Host1Plus is one such steadfast hosting service which offers the competitive VPS hosting with the above spelled out features in today’s marketplace. It has great performance and will be an ideal choice for the business websites with high-traffic or complex applications. It also offers perfect guidance, discounts and coupons for the users.

You don’t need to wait for any further extent! Give a try with the affordable Host1Plus VPS hosting plans to go ahead in a success path of your business.