Fun with 404 pages: How to Make it Happen

A bog-standard Error 404 page, which you find on most websites if a URL is typed in incorrectly or if some content previously on the site has been deleted, will contain a short message informing you of that fact. Informative though they are, they don’t do anything else, which is why some site owners are using them as a blank canvas to be a little creative.

Some use it to direct visitors back to their homepage while others choose to showcase their artistic qualities or perhaps tell a little joke to make visitors feel a little more at ease despite not finding what they were hoping for. Here, we have four examples of how 404 pages are being turned on their head:

2012onwards 1 Chrisglass

It’s hard to tell straight away whether this page has any meaning, but Chrisglass’s 404 is pretty impressive.

2012onwards 2 - AtSpace

Harking back to an earlier age in computing, this effort from Atspace is pretty inventive, if a little confusing!

2012onwards 3 Virgin Holidays Cruises

Similar to the Tom Hanks’ classic, Castaway, you are stranded on a beach in this creation by Virgin Holidays Cruises.

2012onwards 4 LimpFish

Limpfish created this page, which will surely raise a smile for even the most aggrieved site visitor.

are yaar

This Fluther 404 page tries to get sympathy from the visitor, which might actually work!