4 Reasons You Should Start Using Free Classified Sites as a Part of your Marketing Strategy

There are a number of marketing techniques available which can be used to promote your business, brand and the products it sells. One of the most lucrative and inexpensive ways to market your business products is by using free classified sites. Free classified sites help businesses, small or large, save thousands of dollars which would have otherwise been spent on advertising.

When it comes to determining the success of a business, its marketing strategy tends to say a lot about future of the business. An executable marketing strategy can propel a business to its success while a poor marketing strategy is likely to drawn a business. Choosing to incorporate free classified ads into your marketing strategy is often seen as an added advantage to your business.


In case you are running an online business, one of the best internet marketing techniques to use that can guarantee instant traffic generation is by using free classified ads. Here are a tips as to why free classified are the best solution for your shaky marketing strategy.

1. Free classified site saves your time

As mention above, free classified ads work wonders when it comes to generating traffic and sales. Anyone searching through free classified ads has a higher chance of purchasing the item than someone who is just browsing. Free classified sites will allow you to make use of the classified ad submission service which allows your ad to be automatically re-submitted after rotating off of the Bulletin board.

2. A free classified site can help you create valuable backlinks to your site

By making use of classified ad submission services, you can be able to create valuable links to your main site hence being in a better position of ranking high on the major search engines. Backlinks are one of the best SEO practices that can help you improve your rank scores and ultimately your search engine rank. When you utilize classified ad submission service, your business is in a better position of generating lots of backlinks on high end traffic free ad web pages. 

3. Free classified sites helps you to connect with people with a similar buying mentality

Once your ad is posted on either of the free classified sites such as  OLX Kenya, you are rest assured that people who will be visiting the site are genuine buyers. It is much easier to convince such people and generate traffic towards your web site. This is very crucial when it comes to promoting your business brand.

4) It offers a low cost but high quality option to advertising

The fact that it is a free advertising channel; it provides businesses with a high quality and inexpensive way of showcasing their products to potential buyers. The free ad submission service offers a great opportunity for businesses to embrace high quality and low cost options to pay per-click advertising.