EaseUS Partition Master: The best Free Partition Master[Review]

The first thing that a person would need just after setting up his computer would be partition his entire hard drive. It doesn’t make sense to have single or minimal partitions of your hard drive, as it only makes organizing your files even more complicated. What you need while setting up your computer is to partition your drives according to their purpose and that’s where EaseUS Partition Master comes into the picture! This is the only single free software that you would ever need to perform all your partitioning, merging and management of your hard drive.


Managing your hard drive at a later time when it’s time for you to pop up a new separate little partition for your collection of adorable cat photos or your latest bootlegs is made even easier with the Ease US Partition master tool. This tool even makes it easier for you to change your partition type between SSD and HDD, if you are undecided between them.

The Interface

Ease US Partition Master free edition comes with an intuitive layout that gives the highest priority to complete the task at hand. You can get a clear basic idea of the current partitions on your hard drive and a list of operations at the left-hand toolbar. You can directly select the operation appropriate for your need or you can also check out their ‘Help’ section in the top toolbar for further detailed instructions.

Features Overview of EaseUS Partition Master

Create/Merge/Delete/Resize/Move your partition

This free tool has to offer a ton of features for its users that you won’t ever need any other tool for managing your hard drive. This tool boasts of a set of features that cover all the stretch of possibilities with your hard drive. It offers Creating new partition with disk space of your choice, merging multiple partitions into one, Re-size your partition by adding or removing disk space, or deleting a partition in its entirety.

Partition/Disk Copy

EaseUS Partition Master also allows users to copy their entire partition or create a clone of their disk for data protection or during disk upgrade. It also allows you to migrate to SSD without re-installing your Windows copy. Upgrading system disk is also made easy with a one-click operation in this tool.

Partition Recovery

It happens many a times that you might lose out some important data due to virus or a damaged partition, in that case, EaseUS Partition Master could be your saviour. Use this tool to easily recover lost data on unallocated space, usually occurring due to hardware or software failure.


One single tool for all your hard drive management needs!This is the best partition management tool for windows and the onlytool needed for home users to manage their hard drives. The tool is feature packed and have you covered up on many aspects of system storage management. This tool is set to exceed every user’s expectations with its offerings.