EaseUS Partition Master Review – The Best Tool for Partition Users

It is very important to organise your data. Data should always be kept in such an organised way that you can use it without any effort. Disk Partition is an important tool which helps a lot in organising the data into different drives. To get the most from your system, it is recommended to keep system drives different and run time to time maintenance task. One should always keep the system files and data files on different drives so that the data could be save data the time of formatting.

EaseUS Partition Manager is one of the most popular and most used tools which is used for partitioning.

What is EaseUS Partition Master?

There comes a time when we need more partitioning power than the default Windows Operating System. At times likes that, EaseUS Partition Master comes at rescue and offers some great features in the process of partitioning. It is specifically designed for systems which need more partitioning. Windows default Partition Disk Management offers very limited features where you can just delete or format the partitions.

easeus partition master

Moreover, you can also resize it but, it also has some conditions. However, EaseUS Partition Master offers all those features which should be there in the Window’s Disk Management Utility.

Key Features of EaseUS Partition Master:

  • Simple to use User Interface: One of the best things of EaseUS Partition Master is its User Interface. The UI is simple, clean and easy to use. Even a newbie can use it without any extra efforts.
  • Larger Disk Size Support: Even the free version of this amazing software supports up to 8 TB of disk size. If that is not enough, you can buy the commercial version which supports up to 16 TB of disk size. Nowadays most of the systems come with mega capacity drives so we need a partition manager which can handle such a large amount of disk volume.
  • MBR to GPT Conversion: If you are planning to convert MBT to GBT for your system, EaseUS can come as a handy tool as it supports all type of conversion between MBR and GPT. Learn more about GPT Disk.

More about EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master allows a user to transfer the complete operating system from one disk drive to another without any data loss. The main advantage of this feature is that once the operating system is moved from one disk to another, the user can use the other disk as the primary option to boot the system and run the files.


EaseUS Partition also offers the option to merge two succeeding partitions without losing any important files. Other features include splitting of partitions by shrinking them and enlarging the partitions by merging them together. If you plan to move Windows 10 to SSD, this tool can help you out. To transfer Windows 10 OS to SSD without reinstalling Windows is a Hercules task. This process can be completed by using the EaseUS Partition Master, which clones the system drive and allows you to move Windows 10 to SSD without reinstalling Windows.

Why should you use EaseUS Partition Master?

This amazing tool is used by over 30,000,000 users all across the globe and is one of the most used tools for Partitioning. It is available in three editions where the Home Edition is designed specifically for home users who are using the 32-bit version of Windows. The Professional Edition is for 64-bit versions of Windows and offers the ability to create a bootable DVD/CD. The Server Edition supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and offers features of both Home Edition and Professional Edition.

So, whenever you think of partitioning your system, think of EaseUS Partition Master.