EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard V 11.0 Review

Today’s technology is all about innovation, and somewhere in the run for innovating new tech, we have forgotten about the security of data. Yes, there are a lot of applications which lets you put certain locks on your folders or applications, but that is just limited to the device. But when it comes to recovering lost data, there isn’t much to think about as once it’s gone, it’s gone, or is it? Well, a company called EaseUS begs to differ as they have been around for 12 years now and oh boy, what a great run it has been for them as they came up with one of the first data and hard drive recovery software.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

There have been times when files just disappear from one place on our PC’s or Laptops. Well, the days are gone when we would just let it go as EaseUS allows us to recover files which have been lost in the storage space. EaseUS not only helps users in analyzing the files but it also allows users to restore different types of files. Well, obviously, you won’t get the full functionality when it comes to the recoverable data as you will be allowed to recover 500 MB worth of data. In the paid versions, this restriction is lifted. Other than this, there is no restriction in the free version which makes it one of the best data recovery software available in the market. If you are looking for a software which can recover not only data from your PC but also external sources like flash drives, hard drives, SSD’s and much more, then nothing comes closer to the EaseUS data recovery software as it allows users to recover data from all the listed storage devices which means it is one of the few software which allows hard drive recovery as well.

EaseUS has been active in providing the updates and year by year they have not only worked on the functionality of the software but also the user interface as they understand it is one of the most critical points of a data recovery software.

Features of EaseUS data recovery software

1. Recover mostly anything

The main motive of the EaseUS data recovery software is to allow users to recover files. Users can work carefree form now as EaseUS supports many types of files and allows them to recover. You can not only recover your important documents like Word, Excel or Presentations but also recover videos like personal videos or movies and much more and pictures as well. EaseUS also allows us to recover audio files like Mp3, FLAC and many other audio formats along with emails and graphics design which will come in handy for various graphics designers out there.

2. Free to Download

The data and hard drive recovery software is free to download, and you can also pay up for the full version. The only difference between the trial version and the full version that it allows users to recover unlimited files whereas the trial version allows users to recover files of not more than 500 MB collectively. If you see this the other way, there isn’t many restrictions imposed by EaseUS as most of the data recovery software wouldn’t allow users to have full functionality.

3. Version 11 is even better

As we said earlier, EaseUS is very good with the updates, and earlier in this year, they released the 11.0 version of the software which focuses more on user experience. In the latest update, they have allowed users to differentiate files per their file type. For example, if you were to recover a specific video, then all you need to do is search for the video type files. This will not only save time but also give results faster as the in-depth search can be a bit lengthy.