Draw Diagrams and Be Productive with Creately

Visuals are good. They are easy to understand and make it very easy to communicate complex ideas. However creating them is not that easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools with you. If you’re looking to draw flowcharts, business process diagrams or similar technical diagram types then Visio is a good option. But Visio is expensive and works only in Windows. Creately solves both these problems and a lot more.

Creately is web based diagram software, so you don’t have to worry about downloads, installations or the operating system. You only need a modern web browser. Because your diagrams are stored online you can access them from anywhere in the world. This is really useful for people constantly on the move like business consultants, tech analysts etc.

The templates are also useful for anyone who wants to come up with a diagram quickly. There are thousands of templates added by the Creately staff and users. You can access them by clicking the templates button in the drawing area. A new window will open up where you can search and browse for templates. Select a template, click on it and it will be automatically added to your drawing area.
If you’re working as a team then the real-time collaboration features will come in very handy when working together on something. Because everyone can see each other’s changes instantly you can quickly rectify any faulty modifications. Imagine doing something like this with email conversations, it will take too much time and will be very difficult to come to a final conclusion.
There are many other small enhancements that make Creately as a total very productive. For examples the ability to filter our any field in an organization chart is extremely useful when creating one. Imagine an org chart with around 20 objects and having to go through each one to remove the email address field and then you will realize why quick filtering is such a time saver.
Considering all this Creately is a great Visio alternative and something you should definitely try if you’re looking to draw any technical diagrams.