DMX1 Step – Ensure the Safety of Your Flooring

Is the dampening concrete beneath your floors is seeming through them and causing damage? In that case, you would need the best ever protection possible to protect your floors from the damaging effects of moisture. One of the best Blue Rolls you can make use of for such situations is DMX 1 STEP. They can be one of the best solutions for all your needs in taking care of moisture related issues you may be suffering from.

DMX1 STEP – An Overview

Well, as you would have understood by now, DMX1 STEP is an underlayment for your floors. They would offer you a complete solution in making the floor free from moisture damages. In addition, it also provides you with a quiet and warm feeling.

What makes it different from other products that are designed with the same objective is the that the DMX1 STEP does not come with a tongue and groove connection option. Instead, it offers you a cushioned comfort that should be quite good to work on. They should the best options for you engineered hardwood floors.

DMX loves calling them space-age foams just because of the complete airtight fix that it offers you at the corners and joints. It lets the air circulate under the floors, while not letting it accumulate and damage your floors. The accumulated moisture is evaporated and thus mold that can cause issues with your flooring would not grow at all.

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What Makes it a Great Option?

Well, it is an ultimate solution for all your floor protection needs. What makes it one of the preferred solutions is the fact that it offers you a protection from three different issues – Vapour, Air and Sound. It ensures that your floors are warmer and it would provide you protection against moisture and subsequent growth of mold.

What’s more – you get a comprehensive 50 year warranty. The solution has been certified by North American Laminate Floor Association (NALFA) and possibly only one of the underlayment to receive the accreditation.

The product comes with an R Value of 0.91. It can be an assurance that your floors will remain warmer in winter. You can be sure of getting a complete redressal of heat loss and thereby ensuring a complete comfort.

Why Do We Recommend an Underlayment?

Well, one of the basic requirements that would necessitate the installation of underlayment is that they offer you a smoother finish to your flooring and help you avoid the irregularities within the flooring.

There are several other advantages that the underlaid floor offers. Some of them can be summed up as an increased comfort for your underfoot while you walk on it, fixing the irregularities in the subfloor if any and soundproof functionality.

That can be an essential element for the second storey of the home as it would offer you an extra strength. Yet another advantage that they would offer in terms of winter protection is it will provide you with a vapour retardation functionality.

Well, we would definitely consider the DMX1 STEP flooring solutions one of the best in terms of the functionality and the benefits that it packs in. Simple and faster installation is what we like the most as it would need no extra training or special tools.