How Indian Companies are Outsmarting Their Global Peers in Race to Digitalization

For last year or so, Digitalization is the buzzword. It is one of the most talked about things and is as popular as cell phones were about a decade ago. Just like the telecom revolution, the digital revolution too has Indian and Global Players. But with sheer experience and the ability to cater for everyone, it is Indian players that are making the right noises.


Advantages of an Indian Player in Digital Arena

There is no substitute for experience. Even in the face of sheer automation and flurry of other things, global companies are lagging in the digital race because of their comparatively less experience with Indian investors. As a result, there is a huge void, and it keeps on getting wider with every successive update.

An Indian investor looks for simple alternatives – something that can cater to everything, and makes judicial use of their existing resources. Indian stock market apps like IIFL Markets understand this, and as a result, do a lot of overhauls when it comes to data consumption.

Mobile Trading: Why it matters for Indian Investor

An ordinary Indian investor doesn’t have a lot of time in shuffling from one app to another, and our telecom infrastructure is nowhere near the ones available in developed countries. So, for an Indian investor, switching from one app for a stock watch to other for trading is impractical. Most of the times, it can take about 30 seconds to pull even up a script on another trading app – which means a lost opportunity. A stock watch cum trading app makes sure that an investor can do everything – right from a smartphone with one app. It aligns everything right for the investor.

Numbers: The true yardstick for success

Statements have no value unless they are backed with data, in the case of the stock market app, there is a good amount of data that the tide is favoring the apps that are more Indianized. IIFL Markets, an Indian app, for instance, is better rated than any comparable global app, now that’s a huge accomplishment, which has prompted it to set an ambitious goal of 1 million downloads – if achieved, it would establish itself as the biggest stock market app in India.

User feedback has been flattering for the Indian developers, and it looks as though the trend is set to continue.

Key Features Where Indian Apps Have Outsmarted Their Global Peers

  • Widget: A very basic requirement for any investor. Almost no global stock market app has this feature.
  • Alerts: Unlike Indian apps like IIFL Markets, most of the other apps allow a limited set of alerts, some don’t even include price alerts which make them very unpopular with investors.
  • Research: Apps should have an add-on value, that’s what a smart Indian investor would infer, but many apps have missed the point and failed to put resources on key things like research that gives a great advantage to Indian apps.

In the end, global apps can still do a comeback, but they really need to take an Indian investor’s needs into account.