How to Choose an Espresso Machine?

Espresso machines have been one of the prominent options for your vending machine requirements. Whether at offices, shops or even at the bus shelter – the espresso machines have been the omnipresent equipment. What should you look ahead for in an espresso machine if you are planning to buy one? We present a guide on the best features you would look forward to an espresso machine.

How to Choose an Espresso machine?

Well, espresso drinks have been one of the most preferred options in any office or similar organisation. However, Espresso being a sensitive option, and would need the perfect kind of equipment for getting effective results and a perfect result.

Take care to follow the following factors while choosing the right espresso machine for your needs.

#1 Temperature Control

This is one of the important aspects that you need to take care of if you want to buy espresso machine. The most common option is to use heat exchange system. Some systems like opt for a customised solution that offers. Check out your options and find the best one that meets your individual requirements.

#2 The Number of groups

The number of groups will have a greater say in your choice of the best espresso machine. If you go with the single group machine, you will get either a single or double espresso. A double group machine is made of two single espresso machines into one. Ideally, a single group machine will make two espressos at a time, a double espresso machine makes four and so on.

#3 Power

Ideally, most Espresso machines will run on 3000 watts of power. They should run from 13 amps plug. If you are opting for double group machines, they would run from a socket of 20 amps. Check out the provisions you have at your disposal before you actually choose an espresso machine for your outlet.

#4 Water

This is yet another area you need to pay attention to while opting for an espresso machine. You will need to provide access to water isolator and a water softener. You will also need to take care to find how is your drainage connected to the place that you are installing the espresso machine at. If you do not have drainage, you will need to leave the drainage to a bucket or similar other option.

#5 The Type of Machine

Automatic espresso machines help you configure the volume – normally at 20 ml or 30 ml. They can be configured for any volume. Semi-Automatic espresso machines need you to judge the shot volume. They are the best to ensure that there is never less quantity. You can go for manual espresso machines that come with hand pull lever option for delivering espresso. These are old-fashioned and suit small units.

Well, everything said and done, there is one important thing you need to take care of is to go with a good quality of coffee beans because they are the essence of what can make a great espresso. Choose the best roasted and high-grade beans and the espresso machine will indeed be able to deliver the tastiest espresso ever!