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Look out! The future is near: After the iPad


The iPad and other tablet computers have completely revolutionized the technology industry. Today, our phones and tablets allow us to do more than we ever thought possible. The modern user can use their tablet computer or phone to accomplish hundreds of tasks, including business, communication, and even schooling online. But now that we have these technology items, the future will ... Read More »

Top 4 Wireless Chargers: Which One Suits You?

The development of telecommunication devices dating back to the early mid-1870’s when Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first telephone to the modern-day smartphones is truly remarkable. Imagine the old rotary dial telephone evolved into wireless phones that run on radio frequencies. With consumer convenience in mind, innovators continuously find ways to improve mobile technology. [ Recommended Reading : The Journey Till ... Read More »

Techie Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Ones

gift ideas

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your holiday shopping list. People in your life deserve the best that you can give, and the holidays provide you with the perfect time to show just how much they all mean to you. Finding gifts for everyone in your life may seem like an impossible challenge, but with a ... Read More »

Things To Remember While Doing Online Shopping For Electronics

online shopping

Online shopping a comfortable and less time consuming way of shopping offer consumers directly acquire products or services through Internet without an intercessor service. This process includes an immense area to choose varieties of electronic and many other products. At online-shopping platform user can not only purchase the product but can enjoy the benefits of services and other beneficial information as well. ... Read More »

Helping your computer out with a UPS Battery


If there should be a power outage, a UPS battery provides the life-saving function for your company of backing up the power to your device, and thereby the data and hardware that comes with it. Shutting down your system the right or proper way in an emergency, is vastly superior to a sudden shutdown while it’s in the middle of ... Read More »

Benchmark Facebook Messenger “Chit Chat” Receives Long Due Update


The first desktop Facebook Messenger for Windows has received a long overdue update in this author’s opinion. When it was first launched back in 2009 the Messenger application received a substantial amount of publicity as it was the only software application that would allow you to connect to Facebook chat from your Windows desktop. That’s since changed; there are several applications ... Read More »

Why Sunday and Satellite TV is called a Match Made in Heaven

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Regardless of the nature of your job, the weekend is a welcome break from all the commotion at the workplace. People who have put in their best efforts over five days look forward to a well-earned break from work over the next two days. For them, Friday is the best day of the week as it leads to the weekend. ... Read More »