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Technology Which Can Help Small Businesses


For any business or venture to get boom in the market and to become successful in the long run, one thing that takes the top priority is customer contentment and satisfaction. The key that is the most crucial one is to know the demands of customers and meet them regularly on daily basis. To achieve such a scenario and ascertain ... Read More »

Five Great Backup Services to Protect the Data on your PC


Talking about making sure your PC is backed up is much like the reminders we get to fill out our tax returns as tax season reaches its peak. We all understand the prudence of getting this done but put it off to a “better moment.” What we are unconsciously gambling on is that the moment of a drive failure or ... Read More »

They Personalise Emails While You Make Your Own Blackberry Case

Blackberry case

With all this talk of personalisation buzzing through the world of marketing, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s something new. Everyone seems to have forgotten that you could always make your own Blackberry case. Almost all at once, an entire industry seems to have reached the same conclusion – consumers dig personalisation. All it took was a few successful email ... Read More »

The Shift to Cloud-Based Technology

 Technology has changed the way the world works, the way we live and the way we do business.  One of the newly embraced technologies would be cloud storage. This storage allows you to upload and backup your files to an internet hosted storage system. Many people have seen the benefits of cloud and have begun using it to increase productivity ... Read More »

Exchange Hosting – The Business Mailing Solution

Technology is boosting up. Day by day, new things are seen on the web! The life is becoming easier.  Today while I was surfing over the net to find some good things about my business, I came across something known as Exchange Hosting! What Is Exchange Hosting? Exchange hosting is basically a designated server system, which serves your mailing purpose. ... Read More »

Loyalty is the biggest factor when it comes to ipad Repair Company

An I pad is not just an accessory, it is a part of personal style, a statement, a declaration of your wealth, status and need for instant communication to others. It is your personal work station, a versatile gadget that can perform most tasks of a computer. It is in essence a thing to make life easy. Like other gadgets ... Read More »

Powerbee Solar Chargers – The way To Go!


Do you keep on forgetting to charge your cell phone at home? Yes? Don’t worry! now there are options available which might help you to charge your phone on the go even without electricity. This option will solve your problem of forgetting to charge your phone as well as help you to cut a little bit of electricity bills. As ... Read More »

Tom Light – Turn Your Ideas Into Thriving Business

Tom Light consulting

Everyone wants to run a business. All feel that, instead of working under someone, its better to start working for own-self, which will help in higher revenue growth! 🙂 Very true, a businessman can generate more income than a salaried employee. But can everyone run a business? In running business a cake wake? NO! Not at all. I am from ... Read More »

Draw Diagrams and Be Productive with Creately

Visuals are good. They are easy to understand and make it very easy to communicate complex ideas. However creating them is not that easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools with you. If you’re looking to draw flowcharts, business process diagrams or similar technical diagram types then Visio is a good option. But Visio is expensive and works ... Read More »

How Are Businesses Taking Advantage of Technology?


Businesses owners and entrepreneurs have had their jobs become much easier in the last 20 years or so. There have been so many technological advancements, from computers to electronic systems for data transmission. They are able to make orders for products online, or even apply for quick loans through the internet. Credit cards are now a huge payment method, and ... Read More »