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Top 4 Wireless Chargers: Which One Suits You?

The development of telecommunication devices dating back to the early mid-1870’s when Alexander Graham Bell invented the very first telephone to the modern-day smartphones is truly remarkable. Imagine the old rotary dial telephone evolved into wireless phones that run on radio frequencies. With consumer convenience in mind, innovators continuously find ways to improve mobile technology. [ Recommended Reading : The Journey Till ... Read More »

Three Ways to be Direct with Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has become the main way to promote and sell products on-line, and getting it right can be the difference between success and failure for many companies. There are a few differences from conventional net marketing, the site need to be smaller, neater, clearer and equally as efficient in its structure and layout as a conventional website. People are ... Read More »

Mobile Phones Might Soon Replace Big TV advertisements

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If you’re working with CNN, BBC and the like, you might be annoyed at the big claims the title of this article makes – and that is if actually you’ve not been focusing your attention to the mobile world. Mobile phones, smart phones and tablets are fast replacing the big screens and everyone is turning their attention to them these ... Read More »

4 Smartphones that are Comparable to the iPhone

Do you want a smartphone but don’t want to pay the high price for an Apple iPhone? Although the technology market leads you to believe that the iPhone has no competition, there are actually quite a few mobile phones out there that are not only comparable, they are substantially cheaper. Below are four of the best on the market. BlackBerry ... Read More »

5 Ways Students Can Solve Their Problems With An iPhone

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Did you know that an IPhone can benefit a student? Well, there are many ways on how a student can benefit from it. Therefore, if you are a student and planning to go back to college, then you should consider having one. The reasons or ways that this gadget can help are: 1. It has a Wi-Fi internet connection Most ... Read More »

Find Best Deals To Sell Your 2nd Hand Phones

Cell phones – what do I need to say about it..?? They have become one of the basic needs of humans. With the ever developing technology in the cell phone world, the rosy dream of mans push button life has come true! And therefore the term “mobile computing” has come into existence! 🙂 In the cell phone world, every day ... Read More »

Why Secure Computing Will Be The Most Important Aspect of Future IT products

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As mobile computing devices replace desktops, computers become further integrated into our lives, and we drift into uncharted territories. From individuals to organizations, everyone prefers to save their data online, whether they are cloud server for companies or Dropbox like services for individuals. Data security is all the more important. Privacy of this data will be the central issue facing ... Read More »