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I am a blogger and work online all the time. I love my work and am always busy with it. I used to take some short breaks with a mug of Coffee during my busy works and I spend time to visit some useful websites. Rainy season started here and last week there was heavy rain. I love to see ... Read More »

Importance of Social Media in Small Businesses

The world of business has shifted drastically over the last seven years.  Previously, small businesses participated in outbound marketing strategies designed to place their business in front of potential customers. This outbound marketing strategy included running newspaper advertisements, billboards, postal mailers, and several other relatively aggressive tactics. Today, the focus for small businesses has changed to a seemingly more passive ... Read More »

Toll Free Number Services for Businesses

Toll Free Number Services for Businesses or the relevant business when the customer reaches it through a call. These numbers are used by businesses to build a customer focused reputation and perspective in market. Toll free numbers have become indispensable for making businesses grow and flourish in market today. Toll Free Number Services A large amount of toll free number services ... Read More »

The Challenge of Business and IT Alignment

True business and IT alignment allows organisations to utilise IT to fulfil their business objectives.  These objectives will vary from business to business, although these are typically financial, certainly in the vast majority of commercial enterprises. Many businesses struggle to achieve business and IT alignment for a number of reasons.  Firstly, IT departments are often on the periphery of the ... Read More »