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Why Creating Dashboards In Salesforce Is A Good Idea?

Salesforce is an extremely powerful CRM system. It allows business managers to make various reports and analyses of their collected data, thus enabling them to come up with better development plan and budget splits. However, a software program is as powerful as its user. If you don’t know how to put it to good use, you may as well use a ... Read More »

Motives To Look For Property In Faridabad

Faridabad is generally recognized for its foundation of industries while it is rising out to be hottest real estate destination in national capital region as fine. Huge real estate developers have started their projects of team housing in Faridabad region, as a result it has appeared out as the most preferred residential center. One of the major causes why lot of ... Read More »

How technology has changed ICC World CUP 2015

Technology is used in all corners of this universe. Be it on the land of Mars or on the pitch of cricket ground, technology has taken its special place everywhere. In today’s post we will look how technology has changed the cricket world and way fans see it. ICC world cup 2015 is the perfect example to show this great ... Read More »

How can you successfully expand your business?


With the economy picking up again, lots of business owners are thinking about expansion. This is an excellent way to improve the health of your business and make it more stable over the long term, but the process of expansion itself can create vulnerabilities. How can you minimize these, and what do you need to know to do it successfully? ... Read More »

Phone Lovers Could Be Messed Up If Coupon Machine Was Unavailable

dicount coupons

I do not know what I would be like if I went a single day without my mobile phone. I am even never ten seconds away from my handset. I believe that a mobile phone is a basic need. Please, do not tell me that food, clothing and shelter are the only basic needs we have. In fact, those are ... Read More »

How to look for PG Accommodations Using has emerged as a hi-tech portal for realty business. This website has changed the way information in the property business is disseminated. Driven by the demand, has not merely provided the most basic needs of home buyers. It has also gone ahead and focussed on the specifics of the overall demand and yielded services which were different for ... Read More »

Sealing the deal with Dealguru

It has become a generation of start-ups with a common motive of trying to satisfy the public with the best deals and products when it comes to satisfying the needs of the consumer. Add to it the fact that the ideal consumer is now wary of shop to shop marketing and rather approves online marketing, and that is an even ... Read More »

Betting on the Move

If you like having a punt now and then, it’s so much easier than it used to be to place a bet. No need to trail down to the local bookie’s and queue up for your chit. Like almost everything in life, you can sort out any bets that you want to make on your smartphone or tablet. The betting ... Read More »

4 Reasons You Should Start Using Free Classified Sites as a Part of your Marketing Strategy


There are a number of marketing techniques available which can be used to promote your business, brand and the products it sells. One of the most lucrative and inexpensive ways to market your business products is by using free classified sites. Free classified sites help businesses, small or large, save thousands of dollars which would have otherwise been spent on ... Read More »

Welcome Back @ 2012Onwards

It’s awesome to see all of you once again! 🙂 I know, you must be wondering like “what’s the matter?” I tell you. The reason why I have been missing 2012Onwards’ readers is that the site went down for two days, this week. Yes, you heard it right. 2012Onwards has been showing a database error since 2nd Feb, 2014 that ... Read More »