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Understanding Apps of Your Android

World has changed a lot and it can be measured through the quick transformation of a mobile phone from being simply a phone to a complete code of technology. Gone are those days when mobiles were used merely for receiving or making call and massages, mobile phones and now smart phones or as Android likes to claim ‘beyond smart’ phones. ... Read More »

Amazing Apps for Tracking the 2012 London Olympics

london olympic apps

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, you’ll want to be prepared for this spectacular, month-long sporting event. Fortunately, apps are available to let you know the games’ schedules, news, results, standings and more. Because I use a T-Mobile smartphone, I’ll be focusing on Android apps that are available in the Google Play Store. 2012 London Olympics Planner ... Read More »

Flixel App for iPhone – Instagram of Animated Photos

Flixel App

Flixel is the new iphone app developed by a Toronto based company which lets users to create animated photos. It takes photos and videos easily and allows to make them animated. You can say it as the instagram of animated images. You just need to capture photos and record videos with this app as like instagram and then I lets ... Read More »

The Best Green Apps for iPhone

The Best Green Apps for iPhone

Some apps that aid in users go green are definitely better than others. With the growing dilemma of ecological destruction, the future of our environment is now present in our hands. It’s time for us to think about our mother earth in everything we do in our day to day activities. However, there are lots of green apps out there ... Read More »

Should we trust apps to tell us how to shop?

Our cell phone is something that has become as important as oxygen or water. Every now and then we check our phones and actually depend on them for a lot of things. Recently, people have shown increased inclination towards the use of apps that help them organize their shopping. There are many different apps available in the stores for the ... Read More »