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BitDefender Anti-Theft: The Ultimate Anti-Theft App

Nowadays a person’s mobile phone has become his/her most important accessory! 😛 It has taken the place of a watch, calendar, phone diary, and almost everything! 😀 And thanks to the app revolution, this dependency that we had on our cell phones has crossed every limit! 😎 So one can imagine what hell is going to break lose if one ... Read More »

Popular ‘Nova Launcher 2.0’ Android App Updated with New Features


If you are not having Nova Launcher, then you are missing out on something for quite some time. The reason why it is so popular is that it can change your homepage appearance to anybody’s liking and more important, it is customizable and further it is performance driven. In fact, many use this app as a replacement for the homepage ... Read More »

Don’t stress out so easily- Use a Cell Phone Monitoring App and Relax Your Mind


Teenagers are really involved with smartphones nowadays. They talk to their friends, play games, browse the web and do all sorts of things through their smartphone, all day and night. At times this thing really pisses off parents and they feel that they have lost all control over their kids and their family life has nearly ended. For parents to ... Read More »

5 Best iPhone Apps to Watch TV on the Go


Here is a list of five great apps for watching TV on the go, but if you prefer to watch movies, then consider the Netflix app. It does a similar thing to the five listed TV apps, but allows you to watch movies, instead of TV shows. Netflix is an app you can get for your iPhone which allows you ... Read More »

The Mobile Phone Spy That’s Selling Like Hot Cakes!

mobile phone spy

Is it a mobile phone spy or some products on a clearance sale shelve? That’s what my reaction was when I came across sales figures of StealthGenie mobile phone spy. Why the sales are escalating at virtually skyrocketing pace? Was StealthGenie really that good? There has to be some catch. And so I set out to find as much I could about StealthGenie. But I’d ... Read More »

Top 7 Must Have iPad Apps


iPad apps have the quality to gel with your daily routine. There is a large list of amazing iPad apps in the field of news, media, video, sports, music, utilities and many other spheres. iPad provides you with the apps to read Web while sitting, watch movie on a train, read in complete darkness and many other useful apps. Here ... Read More »

Apps are Programmed for Consumption [Infographic]

The importance of Smart Phones is ever increasing & so is the importance of the apps. Do check the following Infographic which is prepared by Online Bachelor Degree Program Resources. I hope you will like it! 🙂 Read More »

MoneySupermarket Launch First Car Insurance Comparison App has become the first company to launch a car insurance comparison app which is available to both iPhone and Android phone owners. Designed by the award winning Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), the app compares deals available through over 100 different car insurance companies in an effort to help motorists find the cheapest deals available to them. MIG has designed ... Read More »

Free Antivirus Protection for Android

Today Android smartphone are attacked by different types of malwares and virus programs. And it is essential to make you devices and all the data you store there safe. The very first app that should be installed for your Android protection is a good antivirus. Fortunately, there are lots of good free applications that offer protection from online and offline ... Read More »

Rising Interest for Voice Recognition Apps

Voice recognition apps are of keen interest for a large number of Smartphone users as these apps can access Smartphone on the voice of owners. This amazing technology eliminates the use of keyboard as the user can do several things on his Smartphone with his voice. The voice recognition capabilities of mobile phone platform like Apple iOS and Android today ... Read More »