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10 Highly Useful Android Games For Students

The Android phones are of high resolutions and they favor the games that can be played with total engrossed set of mind. The games are good to spend time and get refreshed when you are totally bored. Cordy – The game is blessed with super audio and visuals and you will feel that the game can bring laughter with those ... Read More »

Understanding Apps of Your Android

World has changed a lot and it can be measured through the quick transformation of a mobile phone from being simply a phone to a complete code of technology. Gone are those days when mobiles were used merely for receiving or making call and massages, mobile phones and now smart phones or as Android likes to claim ‘beyond smart’ phones. ... Read More »

Top 5 Benefits of Android Mobile Monitoring Applications

The cell phone has become an essential presence in most people’s lives. Life without a device is almost unimaginable as you conduct business, keep in touch with friends and family and make use of social networking sites in a big way. The cell phone has replaced devices like pagers, laptops and desktop computers that are being used for a bigger ... Read More »

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Android Apps

Besides helping you chill with streaks of fun and that of frolic; android gaming series excels in mind boggling variety of applications, which makes you learn and grow with treasured experience. Somewhere down the line, any series of application needs to strike a judicious amalgam of fun and reason; so that the user is both entertained as well as enlightened. ... Read More »

Bitdefender Safebox – Free Cloud Storage

What is secure..?? The answer to this question is NOTHING! Day by day threats are increasing. More & more losses are happening. These losses may be due to human activity or by natural calamities. The losses may be in the form of life, money, information etc… How to secure life is totally a subjective & a relative matter. But how ... Read More »

Secure your Android with Bitdefender

ANDROID, the newest & the most used word in the mobile world! Initially Symbian & Java were the king in the mobile OS but now Android has come to compete them! Due to several advantages, the smart phone developers are developing their newer units with Android OS in it. Hence Android is getting a lot of fame in the market! ... Read More »

SMS Flash For Android

Are you using an Android Phone..?? Are you addicted to playing games in your cell..?? Do you continuously receive SMS..?? Do these messages irritate you when you are playing games..?? Do you hate to quit the game just for checking the SMS..?? If yes, then this post is for you! 🙂 SMS Flash is a free app for android users ... Read More »

The Ten Most Expected Android Apps in 2012

android apps for 2012

Android devices have become the order of the day. Their popularity and acceptability level is on the tremendous rise. Here are some of the coolest applications that will help you to have the best of user experiences and turn your Android devices more powerful. Most of these applications are available at free of cost. Skyfire Web Browser This web browser ... Read More »

Android Apps for Learning Japanese

In recent times, learning Japanese has become very easy and this can be achieved just by downloading android apps on your phone. I’ve gone through few good apps that have helped me to get there. These android apps would be perfect for those who have just started learning Japanese. These apps are very helpful and can also be downloaded for ... Read More »

6 Tips For Taking Better Pictures With Your Android

Looking at Facebook albums, red eyes and blurred images are still pretty common. Smart features and intuitive controls are only one part of the equation. The user and his or her photography skills are the other – perhaps more crucial – part. There is very little you can do to improve the software and hardware of your Android device. What ... Read More »