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Awesome Tips To Speed Up Your Android Phone


No doubt, android is one of the leading OS in tech market these days and is moving in equal pace with Apple iOS. No one can deny the truth that the Android OS offers an amazing power, flexibility, and customization features to the Smartphone enthusiasts. But, still the owner owes some responsibility because if the user is not proactive some ... Read More »

Get ready to grab the most excellent Smartphone: Motorola RAZR i XT890

Motorola with a continuous innovation in releasing of the most updated smart phones now brings another containing Intel powered processor with a lightning fast speed of 2GHZ. The Motorola RAZR i XT890 is the first Smartphone to be launched with such a high speed as till now all that have been launched were available with a maximum of 1.7 GHz ... Read More »

Mobile Spy – Android Monitoring Software for Mobile Phones


Android mobile devices are an integral part of everyday lives today. A large part of the Android device success is the software that runs these devices. Android software offers unique solutions such as mobile spy software. Smart new generation software is the Mobile Spy Android monitoring software. Available for all platform software- Blackberry, Windows, iPhone Symbian as well as Android, ... Read More »

25 Billion Downloads For Google Play

According to Google’s latest announcement, the Google Play Store has just surpassed 25 billion app downloads. This is a very big number of course, and many geeks are surprised at how fast the Android ecosystem is growing – by the end of 2011, Google announced that 10 billion apps had been downloaded during the last three years (since 2008); in ... Read More »

Top 10 Android Apps for Professional Photographers


Around 1838 or 1839, a French artist and physicist stood near a bustling street of Paris to ‘capture the moment’ unaware that the picture he was about to take will be remembered for years and that he will become a world-renowned personality. He patiently waited for over 10 minutes to take the photograph. Due to the shutter speed, the moving ... Read More »

Apps That Help Safeguard Your Android Mobile

Make your android safe

Mobile phones using the Google Android operating system have become a rage across the world as they offer a world of functionalities and a whole lot of interesting possibilities. Android mobile features that make protection necessary – Key features like open source and multiple application download options available on Android phones while being attractive make the devices vulnerable to malware ... Read More »

Top 5 Android Apps for Medical Students

Android Apps for students

Let’s face it. Being a medical student isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that are geared toward medical students to help make their busy, stressful lives a little simpler. If you’re a med student who would love some extra help from your Android smartphone, here are some apps you should definitely check out: 1. MedPage Today It ... Read More »

Free Antivirus Protection for Android

Today Android smartphone are attacked by different types of malwares and virus programs. And it is essential to make you devices and all the data you store there safe. The very first app that should be installed for your Android protection is a good antivirus. Fortunately, there are lots of good free applications that offer protection from online and offline ... Read More »

Rising Interest for Voice Recognition Apps

Voice recognition apps are of keen interest for a large number of Smartphone users as these apps can access Smartphone on the voice of owners. This amazing technology eliminates the use of keyboard as the user can do several things on his Smartphone with his voice. The voice recognition capabilities of mobile phone platform like Apple iOS and Android today ... Read More »

Get Weirder With The 10 Weird Android Apps

The Google Play download service has more than half a million apps available for Android devices, some of which are more appealing than others. Here are 10 of the weirdest and buggiest apps which you might think twice about downloading. Noise This app is basically a media player, but it comes pre-loaded with a number of random sound effects that ... Read More »