BitDefender Anti-Theft: The Ultimate Anti-Theft App

Nowadays a person’s mobile phone has become his/her most important accessory! 😛 It has taken the place of a watch, calendar, phone diary, and almost everything! 😀 And thanks to the app revolution, this dependency that we had on our cell phones has crossed every limit! 😎 So one can imagine what hell is going to break lose if one loses his/ her mobile phone. And even more if it contains the person’s personal information. Or even worse a device in which you left your Facebook and email account logged in.  Lodging a complaint with the police will take time. But then your phone can be thoroughly misused.

BitDefender Anti-Theft

Thus we bring forward an app which will remove all such problems and protect your device from theft. And this is the “Bitdefender Anti-Theft” application for your mobile phone, which is provided by the internationally famous brand Bitdefender Antivirus. This product is an ultimate application in order to protect your device! 🙂

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The cost of Bit Defender anti-theft is £14.95! 😯 It is more expensive in comparison to similar applications.  Anyhow the cost is worth due to the reliability of this brand name. The following are the key features of BitDefender Anti-Theft

BitDefender Anti-Theft

Features Of Bitdefender Anti-Theft

  1. It is a multiple utility application. It can be use on all portable devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. This is the best part about it.
  2. This software will be able to locate your device in case you misplace it. In case someone steals it, you can trace that person’s location if the device is still on.
  3. Suppose someone steals your phone, he may then access your data and records; and that may be harmful. Using this app, you can remotely lock your device. Once locked, no one can access your records until you unlock it.
  4. The app also has a password control mechanism. You can use it to password protect you device.
  5. In case the information you stored in your device was extremely crucial, you can simply delete the data permanently using this app. Even in case the thief is a top hacker and unlocks the device, he won’t be able to retrieve the data.
  6. Another good part of the app is its alarm feature. Sometimes, we just forget where we kept our phone. We can use this app to set out an alarm so that we could locate it.
  7. If anyone tries to change the SIM of your set, as per your knowledge or without it, you will automatically be sent a message stating that persons details. Thus you can use it while filing a police compliant.
  8. The best part about the app is that, Anti-Theft can never be deactivated by an unauthorized person. And if the person tries to deactivate it multiple times with the wrong password, you will get a notification regarding the same.

Bitdefender AntiTheft

Personal Verdict For BitDefender Anti-Theft

This is not the 1st security app of its kind. Anyhow this is the first app that offers all these features in the same package unlike any other. Although this app is expensive, it is worth the cost! And reason is that when it comes to security, you cannot compromise with reliability! 🙂