What are BioPods? How does it Help You Stay Fit?

If you are always in search of good comfortable shoes and your feet are always tired, aching, and sore, the only cause might be the shoes you are wearing. The uncomfortable shoes can also cause back, leg or hip fatigue. There are lots of shoe brands that promise to provide balance and support to the feet. Despite being expensive, no shoe comes with a guarantee of giving you 100 percent comfort. BioPods can be a permanent solution to this problem. These are shoe inserts that solve your all sorts of shoe discomfort problems and also stimulate your body’s mechanism for maintaining ideal foot health.

Why BioPods?

BioPods provides the foot stimulation and not the artificial support which makes it the most comfortable shoe inserts. The Pod targets the arch of the foot and create a stimulation similar to a spring and help your feet, legs and back to adjust to natural functioning.

Our human body is made to walk and run bare feet and not with the shoes. But as generations pass by, we stopped even walking bare feet and started wearing different types of shoes that hurt our feet directly and sometimes passively, and we realize it when we suffer from back pain or sore feet. There are even studies carried out that show that people who walk and run wearing shoes suffer much more damage and stress to their bodies including lower leg injuries than those who walk and run barefoot. We should not wear shoes with rigid soles, pointed toes, tight laces or any other way that is not comfortable for our feet.

The best way to save our feet is to stay away from problematic footwears that are cheap or maybe expensive but restrict our feet from our natural abilities to raise our arches and toes. Conventional insoles are not the solution to the problem as they only provide the feet with some support and not solve the main cause of the pain. In this way, you become more and more dependent on the traditional insoles. However, BioPods provide the right kind of mechanism that our feet need to naturally reflex and adapt to healthy functioning. Slowly, the pain is gone, and you can walk and run comfortably.

How does BioPods Help You Stay Fit?

What if I tell you that there are around 100,000 sensory receptors in the soles of your feet? Yes, and all these help your body to get the sensory information to function safely. It works all the time whether you walk, run, or even stand on any surface. Most of the insoles that are available in the market actually reduce and suppress that sensory information to get to your brain and weaken your feet. BioPods stimulate and enhance the reflexes.

The Bottom Line

BioPods uses a technology that reinstructs, assimilate, and improves the ideal health and function of your foot. BioPods reduce the pain in the feet, legs and back along with addressing the cause and symptoms of almost all the foot-related problems. It is clinically proven that it helps in preventing foot-related problems and enhance athletic performance capabilities.