Best World Cup apps

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup now in full swing, football fans are finding out which apps offer them the best opportunity to keep on top of all the action. From watching games to staying abreast of all the breaking tournament news, iOS, Android and Windows Phone users have a variety of different apps claiming to have everything a World Cup betting fan would need over the next month.

Watching the games

For UK football fans, the BBC and ITV both offer apps showing live games throughout the tournament. Both apps are available on iOS, Android and Windows, and users will be able to watch live games as well as catch up on all the highlights from the tournament so far.


The BBC Sport app also enables you to follow live scores and get notifications, which are also features available with the consistently good Eurosport app and Sky Sports apps. PureVPN’sLive Football World Cup 2014 app on the Android allows fans from across the globe to enjoy the action without the ISP restrictions that stop the streaming of some games.

Best World Cup apps for stats and chat

The FourFour Two Stats Zone on iOS is right up there with the best World Cup apps in terms of content. From detailed match analysis, player performances and all the goals from all the games as they happen, this app allows users to share information over their social network. Powered by football stats supremoes Opta, there isn’t an app out there that can match FourFour Two in terms of pure information.


Sporting Mouth on iOS and Windows is a prediction app that allows you to predict the outcomes of all the matches as well as challenging your friends- with the option to create exciting bets against each other without using money. The app features partnerships with some well-known high-street outlets such as Pizza Express, Waterstones, Marks and Spencer, Kitbag and Caffe Nero, meaning users can win vouchers that can then be used as wagers between friends.