Best SEO Strategies for 2019

Search Engine optimisation has become a unique trend in its own right since the year 2000. But, the Google algorithms have been changing almost at a regular interval. In fact, Google has been turning more user-centric, and as such, the website owners need to ensure that they live up to the expectations of their visitors if they want to be in the good books of Google.

Best SEO Strategies for 2019

Without going into much introduction, we will check out the best SEO strategies you can employ in 2019. Much water has flown under the bridge and there ae a few things we considered not possible just a couple of years before.

#1 Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendliness is the best you would look for if you really want to rank higher. Opt for AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page as the first preference for all your sites to stay ahead of the competition. The concept helps you improving the aesthetics of your page in addition to enhancing your page load times. If you are on WordPress, you can make use of a host of plugins for the purpose.

#2 Titles and Content

Captivating titles have been one of the in things for a successful SEO. No matter how high quality your content has been, you will not get better results if your titles are not impressive enough. There are a few power terms you need to use. Some examples can be Top, Best, Today, Free, etc.

In addition, your content too needs to be engaging enough. Even when you have packed in a host of useful information, if the content is not something that interests your readers to continue till the end, you won’t get any clicks.

#3 Podcasts are the New Trend

Podcasts have been the most popular options to work with. You may be uncomfortable with it, but if you want to succeed in your endeavours, you need to go with the world. Engagement with the right kind of audience is one of the prime advantages of opting for podcasting. You can choose between explanatory podcasts, interviews or even case studies.

#4 Never Undermine Videos

Videos have been yet another new trend in the year 2019. Make sure you are adding videos to at least every alternate blog post you are doing. Presence of videos will present you in the list of recommended sites in the Google searches. Create your own videos for a better reach and accreditation. If you are into tech blogging, creating tutorial videos can be the best you can go with.

#5 Voice search

Voice search is one of the strategies that has been moving ahead inn terms of a wider reach. If you want to make use of these features, you need to ensure that your content is compatible with voice search. Make sure your keywords are long-tail or in phrases. An optimised page with advanced SEO techniques is what would make it one of the best strategies in 2019.

The Parting Thoughts

Difficult? Don’t worry – SEO companies can help you achieve those tasks with ease. Opt for good services like  that help you with optimising your content and go with the best results in terms of good ranking.

Employ those SEO strategies in your blogs and websites and go with the best for your site. Wish you a very prosperous 2019!