Best Narendra Modi Games To Play

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man known by all. Few loathe, but many more are there who admire him. From his style sense to his captivating speeches, many people have been swayed by the Gujarat strongman and exhibit their admiration in many different ways. While the Modi jackets have become a vogue, Narendra Modi has made a significant impact on the Android gaming industry. There are many games which have steadily climbed the charts. Following are some of the popular games in the Android ecosystem.

Best Narendra Modi Games [NaMo Games]

  1. Modi Run


Currently, the most popular game among the Android users, this game has received four stars out of five as of now. Designed to let the users help “Namo” become the Prime Minister of India, this game sees Narendra Modi run through the states and win the election to become the Prime Minister of India. It sees the charismatic leader runs, jumps and even flies!! With the sole aim of collecting the maximum Lotus flowers to win, this game has seen its popularity rise since its inception during the last Lok Sabha elections. Loved and recommended by the young and old alike, it is one of the most downloaded games in the Google Play.

  1. Modi-Fied


During the Lok Sabha elections, among the many qualities that stood out, Modi’s impeccable style was one of them. In many of his interviews conducted on various channels, people time and again asked the secrets to his style and the person to credit for his flawless appearances. Surprisingly, it was Modi himself who picked up his attire for all his occasions! Modi-Fied though gives you a chance to dress the man himself. Picking out his favorite clothes, trying to search the perfect shoe and complement his attire with the right accessories, it lets the Fashion Designer inside you let style the man whom you adore. With more than 720 dressing combinations to choose from, it’s accessible user interface controls and background changing option let you enjoy different ambiances are an excellent source of passing your time. In addition to these features, you can also sync all your styles on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Modi Mario Run


What happens when you take your favorite game of all time and combine it with Modi’s charismatic personality: A game to relish. The Modi Mario Run sees an animated character of Narendra Modi sees Modi jump and collect Lotuses at every stage. Once all the lotuses are raised, Modi will be crowned the Prime Minister.

  1. Modi T20 Game


Modi playing cricket? With Modi as the batsmen, you can choose him among many other Nets and play the T20 game with the man who runs the whole country. Developed by iPLay Games store, it sees Modi as the batsmen slogging it out against the bowlers as he is against his detractors in real life.

  1. Modi Kejri Run


What Rahul Gandhi lacked, Kejriwal seems to have made up for by his diabolical tirade against Narendra Modi every other day. However, this game sought to give the whole bitter battle a humorous twist. It sees Modi and Kejriwal slog it out for the crown. As Modi, you must collect the maximum number of Lotus without collecting any Brooms and vice versa if you’re Kejriwal. With the bitter battle ensuing between the two, this game can let the users enjoy some moments of humor.

While the whole nation can only dream of getting a rendezvous with Narendra Modi, the abundance of games dedicated to the charismatic Prime Minister, these apps are a good way to educate the children about Modi and Lotus and can also act as a good source of conversation among family, friends, and colleagues