Benefits of Using Educational Apps for Board Exam Preparation

Over the past ten years, the technology in education is growing day by day. In 1990’s we all used to spend hours together in the library, collecting notes by referring several books and preparing for exams. As the technology increases, the competition in the education field also increases along with the new technologies. Earlier we used to carry different books for different subjects; homework should be maintained in a separate book and so on. Coming to the present mode of education, one tablet is for all – Students from the lower classes are given tablets, which is both textbook and notes.

The introduction of new technologies has made the work easier both for teachers and students. Today all schools are following the advanced method of teaching from the blackboard to the whiteboard, from teacher’s lectures to virtual classes. There are many application introduced, which are in Java programming language and they can be easily downloaded into tablets, laptops and also into smartphones.There are many educational apps, which are very easily available on all online app stores.

An impact of Android Apps

An Android app is a software application running on mobile devices. It is designed both for the smartphone and on a tablet PC, which is running on the Android Operating System. These applications are in the Java programming language and can be easily downloaded from the Android app. These applications can be used on Android smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Use of an educational App for board exam preparation

There are many educational Apps, which are introduced as the preparation material for CBSE board exams. This app mainly involves ebook, mock test papers, formulae, solution for previous year question papers, solved problems, MCQs- Multiple choice questions, question bank, e-book, daily online test, glossary, a synopsis and lot more. A student can solve a number of questions by selecting the options and also they can re-attempt the same test for improvements. There are more educational apps, which are launched to help students with last minute revision.

Listed here are few educational Apps, which can be purchased and used for the board exam preparation.

The BYJU’S App

This educational app helps in preparing for both lower and higher class students. Apart from CBSE and ICSE board exams, they also provide apps for other entrance exams including JEE- Advanced and mains, AIPMT, CAT, IAS and lot more. This app is designed in such a way that this app includes complete syllabus along with video lectures, model paper with solutions and guidance for clearing board exams.

The Formulae App

We all have difficulty in memorising and remembering formulae. We also get confused about which formulae to be applied to solve a particular numerical. This app helps in providing some important and easy tricks to remember the formulae. Students can download this formulae app in their mobile and can be used when required.

Question Paper App

We all have a general practice of referring several model papers, sample papers, and previous year question papers. Practicing these question papers is important in order to get through with the syllabus as well as chances of repeating the question in the exams are more. These free apps include a maximum collection of question papers and can be easily downloaded and used for our exam preparations.

There are more apps available for all subjects including English, Math, physics, chemistry, biology, commerce and lot more. These apps have a clear explanation of all the topics with sufficient examples and mock test.

Instead of referring more books, turning pages of pages, searching for running notes, tips, and important lecture notes, it is better to refer a single app, which stores multi-information on a single device. The use of this app during our board exam preparation helps in quick recollecting all the topics which we have studied. This app is also good for last minute preparation and group discussion. Subscribe to Byju’s Youtube channel to explore more math related concepts:

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