Belkin QODE with unlimited keyboard of iPads

keyboardThe Belkin Qode is the ultimate case of the iPad keyboard that is the case of folio style for placing the iPad with the built in blue tooth keyboard. This device use to deliver experience of the nice typing for the users as well as it is the higher end version that was recently reviewed having the slim style. It is also an excellent tool for the productivity of the mobile users. It includes the holder made up of plastic having the magnets for keeping the case shut. Ability of placing the iPad in one of the three angle will results in a big plus point as, most of the keyboards will only allow for placing the device in an angle that is fixed. With the multiple angles the users can use the iPad keyboard by placing on the table as well as on the lap easily along with it is easy to adjust for the harsh lightening.

Slim Style iPad keyboard case and its features

This keyboard is available in different color like white and topaz, as well as black and black. It also work as more than the keyboard thus, it is quite easy to handle and a good experience to work on it. Thus, there are few features of this keyboard and some of the features are as follows-

  • TRUTYPE keys for accurate as well as fast typing- The qode keyboard case is having the slim style with the features of the iPad air that is quite easy to use along with the well-spaced as well as the responsive trutype keys. While using this keyboard one can experience the keystrokes that are faster, accuracy is also increased and typing is become more comfortable in compare to the iPad’s touchscreen.
  • Easy for holding along with the foldaway keyboard- when a person is using the slim keyboard enabled with the blue tooth it will fold behind the person’s keyboard for changing the mode of handheld by ensuring the use that is quite confortable while reading along with viewing.
  • For the portable use it is slim and light weighted-The structure of the iPad air keyboard is quite slim, strong as well as light weighted that offer the user with the solid work surface when the person want to use it or in the need of the user. This facility helps the user in protecting the iPad case as well as in adding the functionality without any bulking.
  • Innovative stand with multiple angles- Along with the multiple angles this keyboard help in comfortable viewing as well as this keyboard also let the user in watching the videos comfortably and it also support the user if the person like to surf the web.
  • Able to control simply with the functional specific keys- One can easily control the functions such as copy as well as pasting the text, adjusting the volume of playback along with controlling the music by using the specific keys of the case. The rechargeable battery of the case will be going to last up to sixty hours used actively on the single charge as well as it also provide the stand by time of up to sixty days.

Placement and Spacing of the Keys

The travelling of the keys is quite sufficient for the keyboard of the mobile as well as the Belkin will deliver the good deal of the space among the keys by which one can type easily. It includes the functional keys for controlling the volume, copy pasting facility along with the facility of the media playback and the dedicated keys. The battery of the keyboard will last for two hundred sixty four hours so it is suffice to say that the battery life is quite good.