Awesome Tips To Speed Up Your Android Phone

No doubt, android is one of the leading OS in tech market these days and is moving in equal pace with Apple iOS. No one can deny the truth that the Android OS offers an amazing power, flexibility, and customization features to the Smartphone enthusiasts. But, still the owner owes some responsibility because if the user is not proactive some widgets and apps can eat up the system resources. Here are a few tips that will help to add some life and energy into your smashing android phone.

Turn off background apps:

Android has the ability that it allows user to perform multitasking in various applications, but, you will be surprised to know it affects the functioning of your Android phone. If you are not using YouTube, Facebook or any other app, close it because it engulfs your memory resource and battery life while running in the background. It is highly suggested to close all the unnecessary apps. Android has a native app “shut down”. It shows the list of all running app and allows the user to opt the one he likes to close. You can also make use of the app like “Advanced Task Killer” for this purpose and also it is free.  

Organize your widget:

Everyone is crazy about their widgets but, it may cost you in terms of speed and performance. Take some time and surf along the widgets to smell which widgets you used the most because loads of widgets slow down the speed of the phone. Moreover, live widgets or the one that upgrades frequently like the weather widgets cost more on speed than the static widgets. To improve the speed of your Smartphone you can change the settings of active widgets to less frequent. A small cleanup effort on the home screen will definitely speed up your phone.  

Exit GPS function:

Many of the tech lovers don’t realize that GPS on their Android phone continually consume their valued processing power 24*7. It may result in slow speed and less effective performance. In order to save your Android phone from the grief, you must turn off the GPS function when not in use.

Organize your Google service:

An android based Smartphone automatically embrace access to the Google services such as Gmail, Contacts, Google+, books, currents and many more. If you are not in need of these services, switch them off and protect your phone from the bothersome of downloading piles of data. Follow the following steps

  • Open your phone’s setting app
  • Remove the services that are useless to you
  • Tab the counts and opt the services you want

Live wallpapers:

Live wallpapers kills battery life and bog down Smartphone performance because it uses an enormous amount of the processing power. Though animations and vibrant colors add value to your phone and stint an impressive image but, it badly affects speed and performance.

The above mentioned tips are few ways to boost your phone’s speed; you can also launch apps for this purpose from Android app store and can expedite your phone without paying a cent.

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