Apple iPad Mini Release – What Makes It Special?

We’ve got a little more to show you”, Apple scribbled into the invitations sent to the press members inviting for a October 23 event, as a hint to the much anticipated official announcement of  iPad mini. Although this comes merely after few weeks of the whole new iPhone 5 celebration-party, which poses the question of whether Apple would unveil two iDevices in the same fall, numerous reports have suggested that the new iPad mini would be available for pre-order from October 26th, and would be available in-store from November 2nd.While there are no solid reviews about the new iPad mini yet, numerous rumors and leaks have created an acceptable model of the new iDevice. With just few days remaining for the official announcement, following is a wrap-up of the new features, the competition ahead of it and its potential as a competitor in the world of diminished tablets.

iPad mini Features

According to numerous reports that have surfaced, iPad Mini will essentially run iOS 6, Apple’s latest mobile operating system backed by a Dual Core A5 Chip, as opposed to the Quad-core processors of the rivals. This is the same processor found in iPad2. Its noteworthy that this is a downgrade form the A6 processor found in iPhone 5, but simple reason behind this would be to cut the costs of the new device. iPad mini is expected to be released in 8 GB/16 GB and 32 GB versions with WIFI only and a 3G/4G models. The device would have Lightning connection, similar to that of the iPhone 5. iPad mini will feature a rare end camera, according to various snapshots of alleged iPad mini cases, and it would be safe to conclude that this would be supported by a front end camera too. However camera wouldn’t be essentially a fancy feature in this new iDevice, given that it has different set of uses, rather than a regular iPhone. It is also said that iPad mini will feature two stereo speakers at the bottom.


Numerous speculations have suggested that iPad mini will feature a 7.85 inch display in contrast to the 7 inch displays of the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. There is a debate over the proportions of the suggested screen however, with some suggesting that this will be equipped with a 16:9 display, following the iPhone5 , which featured an approximately similar, proportional display, but rumor has that, it will follow the footsteps of the New iPad ( iPad3 ) to feature a 4:3 display. The resolution is believed to be 1,024 by 768 pixels, same as that of the iPad2. While this would allow the native iPad apps to run on iPad mini without any further modification, some websites have reported that iPad mini version would degrade the native Retina resolution to conserve battery power, and also to reduce the price of a single unit. However the resolution factor should be weighted carefully, given the Amazon Kindle HD, a direct rival of the proposed iPad mini, features a superb display of 217ppi, and still comes under 200$. It is believed that Apple is using LCD displays from LG Display Co. and AU Optronics for the iPad mini. From numerous leaked photos, it is speculated that this new iDevice will be have a thinner bezel, to make it easier to be held with one hand.


While there is no solid evidence to conclude the exact battery specifications for the iPad mini, rumors and photo leaks have suggested that this will be equipped with a 3.72-Volt, 16.7 watt-hour cell holding 4,490 mAh. The specifications however seem credible given that they lie between the 43 watt-hour, 11,560 mAh battery of the new iPad and the 5.45 watt hour, 1440 mAh battery of the iPhone5. Compared to the 4325 mAh Google Nexus 7 and 4400 mAh Kindle fire, the numbers seem pretty competitive and solid.


Wall Street Journal reported earlier that Apple has ordered 10 million iPad units from its Chinese suppliers, which hints that the company has higher hopes about the overall demand for the iPad mini. Therefore chances of pricing souring the taste are far too less. The fact, that rival Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7 come under $200, would clearly have an impact on the pricing of this new unit. However, given that new iPod Touch starts at $300, and latest iPad starts at $500, and the iPad 2 at $400, some speculate that a unit would cost around $350. It is believed though, with a considerably low price tag, Apple would see a higher demand for the new product, despite the huge competition from Android counterparts.

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iPad Mini is essentially the new member to the family of mini-tablets, dominated by numerous Android devices, so it’s a  stroll into a competition. Here we will consider briefly, who the top rivals competing with the new iDevice are.

1. Google Nexus 7: Manufactured by Asus, equipped with the latest Android jellybean, this 7 inch slate, marketed by Google would be a great rival for the new iPad mini. With a stunning HD display boasting a 1280 by 800 pixels powered by NVDIA TEGRA 3 Quad core processor, this exquisite piece of hardware comes under just $200, making it a fierce competition for the iPad mini.

2. Amazon Kindle Fire: Marketed by Amazon, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD steps beyond the benchmarks of the normal tablet displays, coating the display with a polarizing filter to reduce the glare under direct sunlight. This slate packs a 1.2 GHz dual core processor under its hood. The graphics core has been crafted to near perfection to deliver a seamless performance. All these amazing features come for just $199, making it even harder for the customers to decide between rival companies.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0: The biggest rival of Apple, Samsung too has set its pace on the competition, with the new galaxy tab 7.0.Powered by a dual core processor, this popular slate, running Android 4.0 leaps ahead of its competition by providing users with ability to expand memory with a built in microSD slot.

Clearly Apple is expecting a very high demand for its newest iDevice. However from a recent online survey of 2,603 people, conducted by PriceGrabber, it was deduced that the new iPad mini would not be as overwhelming or ground breaking as Apple would want it to be. More than 50 percent of the respondents had said that they would consider buying the new gadget if it’s priced between $249 and $300, and pointed out that if it gets any higher than that they would simply go for the iPad 2. Clearly price is the critical factor determining the success of this new iPad, given that it is not an innovative product after all.

This is a guest post provided by Gina Adams, a huge Apple fan. Gina is an expert in media conversion for iPod, iPhone and iPad. She is writing for DRM Removal software website and knows how to remove drm and convert your movie favorites for new iPad Mini.