Android cars: Dream of every driver

When people hear about Android cars for the first time, their reaction is to wonder how these two concepts can be connected. Generally, smartphone are used for talking with family and friends, taking photos, and browsing the web, while cars are used to move from place to place. Apparently, these two innovations have nothing to do with each other.

However, all these differences don’t represent a barrier, as most car manufacturers have already established a lot of similarities between cars and smartphones. As a result, large sums of money are currently being invested in wireless devices that will make vehicles reach an outstanding speed. In the last period, the concept of “Android cars” has completely revolutionized the way in which people look at their cars. More and more car manufacturers have already provided their vehicles with iOS systems in an attempt to make them not only more practical, but also smarter.

Android cars – smart cars of 2014


The CES which took place in January 2013 was an event hardly awaited by the car industry. That being said, it becomes obvious that hundreds of popular technology corporations talked about their new services, which can be connected with revolutionary “smart cars”. Besides, several famous car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Ford, and General Motors have already described their brand-new technological innovations. The most impressive trends that they seem to have embraced include enhanced entertainment facilities, self-driving technology, as well as parking guidance.

Therefore, applications such as Waze are continually improved so that they can include brand new GPS navigation services on your own smartphones, while carmakers are doing their best to provide their new vehicles with their own software services in order to surpass their competitors.

All these services utilize an operating system to function properly and connect to the internet. However, most of the people are wondering how this operating system will be called. Carmakers haven’t made any declarations so far, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Several high-end car manufacturers such as BMW and Audi have already designed software platforms. For example, the Audi A3 model has been provided with MMI, which includes Google Maps data, as well as Google Earth imagery. On the other hand, carmakers like Ford have begun to use special systems that make use of Microsoft’s operating system, also known as Windows Embedded Automotive. However, there are countless car manufacturers that are currently testing open-source platforms like Linux, Android, and even GENIVI.

Do all the car manufacturers use the Android OS?

Thomas Stuermer, a representative of the Accenture Company, stated that several companies are currently using Android’s kernel in order to power their built-in vehicle systems including the video, audio, navigation, as well as the controller operating system, and to fortify their systems of infotainment. However, he didn’t mention which carmakers are currently doing it.

Fortunately, some car manufacturers were open and admitted that they have chosen to work with the Android operating system. For example, the new Clio model produced by Renault is provided with an outstanding infotainment system that includes an R-link based on Android. Another company that is currently working with Android is Saab.

Wind River, an Intel subsidiary, admitted that their collaboration with Clarion (a popular stereo maker) has as goal the creation of several types of infotainment systems based on Android. Selecting the best operating systems for cars has become of utmost importance for both consumers and producers, which means that carmakers need to be very convinced that their choice is the best.

Most often, the infotainment systems craved by customers are provided with a robust, flexible, and safe operating system. Even though Android cars will share some similarities with Android smartphones, the way in which the operating systems functions will be slightly different.


If the platform is an open-source one, there is no doubt that car makers will try to customize it, exactly like Amazon did with Android in order to match its operating system, also known as Kindle. Similarly, car manufacturers are very careful when it comes to choosing their operating system, as less famous mobile ecosystems could put customers off.

In conclusion, customers seem to be highly-interested in operating systems for cars, not even paying attention to the other technological innovations that have appeared in the recent period. People aren’t interested only in functional cars, but also in innovative features that can completely change the way in which they used to look at their cars.

Android cars – Every driver’s dream

Android cars will definitely revolutionize the market. Car makers do their best to prepare their customers for the unexpected, as more innovations are scheduled to be revealed. The drivers of today aren’t interested only in functional vehicles that will take them from one location to another; they are interested in all types of ground-breaking features such as Google Maps and Bluetooth integrations.

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