Android Apps for Learning Japanese

In recent times, learning Japanese has become very easy and this can be achieved just by downloading android apps on your phone. I’ve gone through few good apps that have helped me to get there. These android apps would be perfect for those who have just started learning Japanese. These apps are very helpful and can also be downloaded for free. These android apps can actually help you to learn the Japanese language within a few days. Thus following cite of android apps will give you a wide range of apps that will help you master the language.

  • Learn Japanese Phrasebook

Learning Japanese can be very easy with this phrasebook (free) as it has 200+ useful Japanese phrases. This will prove to be very functional for those tourists who are keen to learn Japanese. It is recorded using local orator thus the pronunciation is very authentic.

  • Human Japanese lite

It presents the language in a warm and engaging tone instead of technical tone .This software is not just a vocabulary. It will teach the learner about the basic mechanics of Japanese .During this process it maintains a very warm tone with a smart sense of humour. This app is also helpful for cultural understanding .Incessant comparison with English language makes it very easy to understand.

  • JA Sensei

JA Sensei an application which will help you to study and exercise Japanese anywhere and    everywhere: hiragana, katakana, kanji, many types of lessons and also vocabulary lessons can be taken by people. There are 23 Japanese lessons that will help you to learn basic grammar of Japanese.

  • Japanese Study App

This app will help you to hear and to learn to verbalize perfectly pronounced Japanese. You can just learn the essential phrase instead of thousands of words .This app is very effortless and not at all tricky. If you desire to bank time and money this android App is perfect for you.

  • Human Japanese

 It is an amazing app that teaches Japanese from an English perspective. Thus this android app makes learning of Japanese very easy. This app starts right where the Human Japanese Lite left off.

  • L-Lingo Learn Japanese Free

Learning Japanese can be very swift and efficiently with this L-Lingo Japanese. It contains native speaker aural which is very clear and has a warm tone to it. You can also learn in Japanese lettering, or in the other characters that are familiar to Western European countries.

  • Learn Japanese Pro Phrasebook

Learn Japanese Pro is an app that is easier to use than the previous version the Japanese Phrasebook .Those people who are keen to learn Japanese, this app will provide them with an excellent start. This has recorded resident amp and the pronunciation is very authentic while keeping it simple and easy to the learners. This app is best suited for business men.

  • Learn Japanese for Android

Due to this app learning Japanese conversational skills has become very easy. This includes the basics (greetings & introductions). As Japanese is a language widely used across the globe thus this app simplifies Japanese learning. This app can be downloaded for free so learning Japanese has become easy and also very cheap. This tests your fundamental knowledge of this language. It also tests your vocabulary skills and other skills .This app is very helpful as it keeps a check on the language.

  • Speak Japanese Free

The ‘Speak’ Apps are much faster & handy than the pricey Rosetta Stone Software. You can also download this version of speak Japanese. This app provides you with the most important phrases in Japanese. Lean to speak Japanese with perfect pronunciation. It is very quick and very useful. You can have a wonderful time while trotting Japan, only if you have this android app at your hand as it will acquaint you with the most common and popular   phrases. This App is not only entertaining but also very constructive .If your main aim is to save money and to lean enough for a comfortable and happy journey to Japan this app is best suited for you. It also works without internet. It has recorded (voice) phrases. It consists of compressed files to certify fast download everywhere.

  • DR Moku’s Japanese Kana

You can learn Japanese in a day with the Dr. Moku. It can help you to master Kana in a day only. Dr. Moku system helps to learn the Kana mechanically and effortlessly. Mnemonics are the memory tricks which use humor or personal link that leaves you with no other option but to retain information given by Dr Moku. It is a brilliant app for new apprentice.

So for competent and fast learning of Japanese do go through these apps and check them out.

This guest post has been authored by Prashant Sharma who runs Windows 8 Ultimate blog and also manages What is Android blog.