Android 2012: A Year in Review and 2013 Predictions

All in all the Android performed strong in 2012. Some of the advances were easy to predict, but others were a bit surprising. Intel decided to throw its hat in the ring for mobile processing units and didn’t quite get the job done. Longer battery life in mobile devices became a central concern. The development of quad-core processors brought lightening speeds. Google had to make a splash with mainstream TV and better voice input. The iOS devices were beaten hands down by the Android tablet. The addition of cool stuff like smart watches that work, wireless charging, low-powered technology and a Chrome browser.

What could be on the horizon for Android in 2013? These are the top predictions for the New Year.

Google Again?

Google certainly seems to be batting a hundred when it comes to taking the mobile market by storm. Google TV plans to revamp performance by gaining support for the Miracast wireless display. It will require a complete change in the UI before updating to the Android 5.0. That’s right! Google TV for the Android 5.0 in 2013.

Although constant whispers have tried linking Dish Network and Google to provide a nationwide wireless service, they will side with T-Mobile in a mega deal as an unbeatable virtual network operating system. This should follow on the heels of T-Mobile rolling out the 4G LTE network.



Sony Makes a Splash

Sony and Gaikai. Let me repeat. Sony and Gaikai. How did Sony ever land the best cloud gaming service on the face of planet Earth? By paying a cool $380 million bucks! This is the year that Gaikai is released for Android. This gives Sony the leverage to put out an amazing selection of PS3 and PS4 games for mobile devices.

An HTC Makeover?

HTC has consistently lost its luster as the Android advanced. The third party UI Sense was once lauded as incredible, but barely receives a “meh” these days. Look for the release of a completely redesigned Sense 5.0 that will predictably be announced at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. This WON’T be your average HTC.

A Day in the Sun for Nexus

If Nexus had to depend on their own marketing and sales, they wouldn’t really be in business today. The development of the Nexus 4 mixed with being carried on the production wings of LG and Google, might produce sales exceeding 10 million phones this year.

The Nexus RAZR will at long last be released. Google will push for production deadlines that beat the beginning of holiday sales in 2013. It may become the premier Android Smartphone to have.

A $99 Smartphone? Google has big plans of spreading the wealth to additional OEMs in 2013. The budget Nexus Smartphone will be offered by Huawei or ZTE.

Intel and Android: the American Way

Although Intel did find its way into Android phones in various countries last year, they never made it to the US market. This playing field will change with the introduction of a new version of mobile chip featuring an integrated LTE modem.

The Year of NVIDIA

The Tegra 4 processor promises to deliver NVIDIA a record breaking year for their mobile chips. They make going out on a limb easy and bragging that they might see sales reaching the billion dollar mark seems sensible. Why? Every time they do it again, they do it bigger and better.

Can You Say Amazon?

Buzz about the release of a Smartphone by Amazon has been getting harder and harder to ignore. It isn’t a matter of if, but when. 2013 might very well be the year. All bets are that it will go by the moniker Kindle.

The best part is that no matter what truly DOES happen in 2013, it’s guaranteed to be a year full of surprises and amazing advancements in Android technology. Enjoy!

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has submitted this article. He and his son were playing games at Zombie Games 365 at the New Year eve and they enjoyed a lot.