Amazing Apps for Tracking the 2012 London Olympics

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, you’ll want to be prepared for this spectacular, month-long sporting event.

Fortunately, apps are available to let you know the games’ schedules, news, results, standings and more. Because I use a T-Mobile smartphone, I’ll be focusing on Android apps that are available in the Google Play Store.

2012 London Olympics Planner

This free, fun app is the best of the all-around 2012 Olympics apps. Use it to find schedules for each game plus special events like the opening and closing ceremonies. In keeping with the spirit of the funky, fuchsia logo for this year’s games, the app incorporates a vibrant but tasteful color scheme. (Free)

london olympic apps

BBC Sports Mobile

For in-depth, quality coverage of the games, I recommend downloading the BBC Sports Mobile app. While the app looks nice and is easy to navigate, you’ll love the in-depth reporting and up-to-date Olympics news and results provided by the host country’s largest news organization. (Free)

Olympic Team Austria

OK. This app is something of an exception. It’s not an app I can recommend to anyone but fans of the Austrian team. Still, I wanted to point it out because it’s so well made, and I bet fans throughout the world would love having such an informative app for their country’s team. Though I couldn’t read the app, I could see it featured player profiles and other handy information. (Free)

London Olympics Wallpaper

Deck your phone out with gorgeous and triumphant images from the upcoming games. This free app combines interior and exterior shots of the venues, plus logos and other images perfect for your home screen. (Free)

London City Guide

Should you be fortunate enough to be visiting London this summer, this is among the best of the free apps. Created by Tripadvisor, this app offers numerous ideas for day trips, sight-seeing, culture, and lodgings. If you will be using cellular data with your phone, you’ll enjoy updates and mapping features. Otherwise, run this app before you leave home, and it will download all the data you need onto your phone. (Free)

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