Advantages of Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia is known for its value for money gadgets. If you are Internet addict, then you might have came across the latest news and rumors rolling over the Internet about the new upcoming Nokia Lumia 900. The Nokia has announced the Nokia Lumia 900 and this awesome smart phone or better we say Super phone. Well, you might be surfing the web for the latest news about Lumia 900 and you might be ending with confusion, because thousands of different views and rumors are there from the experts across the world.

So what is the advantage of the upcoming gadget for you??Having the same question in mind??Hope this article may help you.

Advantages of Nokia Lumia 900

Time Saving

Well, the reason why I am posting it on the no.1 is that nowadays, you can’t find anything precious than Time (Can You??). So Time is precious, only the speed in all the daily works can save it. But what is the meaning of saving time with daily works, if your favorite Gadget’s speed is really sucking. Well, that’s not the problem with Nokia Lumia 900.It is based on the processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. The RAM is 512 MB. With the fast processing speed, it is surely going to save your time.

Benefit for Personality

Fashion ,Fashion and Fashion, That’s the only demand of growing youth. The water has raise so high that nowadays youth also try to find the personality and social symbol from the gadgets as well. The Nokia Lumia 900 is going to fulfill that need as well. It is very well designed by keeping the youth in mind. With its sleek design Lumia 900 is going to develop your personality.
High Music Quality, whenever You Go: Music is better than all the medicines. In today’s technology all the new mobiles have sound facilities, but Nokia Lumia 900 has got something unique that stands it out from the crowd. The HD quality music facility in the Nokia Lumia 900 is ready to serve you, anytime and anywhere you go.

Stay Connected With World

With Nokia Lumia 900 you can stay connected with world through the web, which is the need of hour. The cool gadget is featured with rich internet facilities. There is GPRS and EDGE support along with WiFi to keep you connected wire free. There are other facilities like Bluetooth to connect the device with other devices, which let you share the favorite songs with your friends.

Stay Happy

Well, there are some chances when you feel angry out of mood because of some personal causes. At that time you need someone who can take you back into the mood. Nokia Lumia 900 can do the task for you. Actually, it is not any other gadget, it is not less than a true friend for you. With lots of games and funny tasks, it will surely help to go back into the mood and will give you some happy moments.

Phone Cum Camera

If you are planning to buy a digital camera to fulfill your fantasy of being a photographer, then Nokia Lumia 900 can help you. The Camera quality of Nokia Lumia 900 is 8 MP, that is not less than profession cameras. So it will be wise to make investment on the upcoming smart phone from Nokia as it will also fulfill the need of Camera and without any doubt savings of money will be there. The camera quality is so awesome as always from Nokia, that you will not be able to distinguish the quality of photographs taken by Nokia Lumia 900 and some professional Camera.

So Nokia Lumia is going to make you feel happy with lots of advanced features. When you will buy it, it will surely take the place of best friend, who will always be ready to help you.
Nokia Lumia 900 is believed to launch in March 2012.The lots of features of the smart phone makes me to wait it eagerly. We are officially excited for the launch. Are you?

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