About Us

2 youngsters from India, Atish Ranjan & Zainil Dedhia, have founded this site. Few years back, on 4th June, 2010, both of them founded their 1st blog -> TechTricksWorld, where various data related to SEO, Blogging tips, Software’s etc… is been updated regularly. After gaining a respectable achievement on TTW, they decided to buy another domain & so comes the birth of 2012ONWARDS.

As the name suggest, this domain was founded on 1st January, 2012 itself. On 2012ONWARDS, you will be updated about the latest & astonishing cell phones as soon as they are announced. Also other data related to phones will be published on 2012ONWARDS. Thus with the launch of 2012ONWARDS, Atish & Zainil, both of them have found niche in the blogging world.

Atish Ranjan

A Music fascinate & person who love to learn with technology, Atish is a BCA graduate. Residing in the Capital city of India, he is working with a very reputed company. He is an expert in SEO & standing with his expertise, Atish is further researching in SEO. His best friend is his PC & hence Atish spend almost his entire day with PC.

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Zainil Dedhia

A very foodie though very slim, residing in the Commercial Capital of India, Zainil is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University & is currently pursuing his further studies in commerce. Addicted to computer, Zainil is a part time blogger and loves to read about computer security & new software’s. Passionate about learning languages, Zainil speaks more than 6 languages & is planning to learn more languages in near future.

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 Very special thanks to Mr. Durgesh for helping to launch 2012ONWARDS