7 Online Shopping Hacks You Need To Know

There are thousands of online stores out there all vying for your business. From the humble seller on eBay to mega corporations like Amazon, everybody wants a piece of the action.

Becoming savvy consumers will ultimately save us a fortune in the long run. Here are some online shopping hacks you need to know.

Don’t Buy Any Old Final-Sale Items

There’s usually a reason why some items are on final sale, but not others. The seller is desperately trying to get rid of stock they otherwise could not sell at the regular price.

That’s why it’s a good idea only to buy final-sale items from brands that you trust. You want to know beforehand that this is a product that is going to meet your basic needs, even if the price is down in the basement.



Shop Through Reward Sites

Did you know that you can buy through reward sites and get cashback on each of your purchases? Well, you can. And it’s not just 0.5 or 1 percent cashback. It’s up to 8 percent, which is a significant saving when you consider just how much money we spend online these days.

Use A Postal Forwarding Service

Don’t you just hate it when you find a great deal, but the seller is in a foreign country and won’t ship it to your postal address. Now there is a solution. Parcel forwarding services can now send your package from the domestic address to your address, even if the seller won’t.

This means that you can cash in on the best deals on the internet without having to plead with vendors to ship products internationally.

Follow Your Favourite Brands On Social Media

In case you hadn’t noticed, companies see social media as their next big marketing frontier. And because of this, you get a front row seat to all their latest deal.

If you’re a big fan of a particular brand, follow them on Twitter or Facebook and keep an eye out for the latest deals.

Sign Up For Reward Programmes

Many websites have what they call “member only discounts.” If you regularly buy from the same site, these programmes can reduce the cost of your online shopping habit to a great extent.

Another perk of reward programmes is that they often grant you access to deals on certain items before the rest of the public. It gives you a chance to bag a bargain before stores sell out.

Start Shopping On A Wednesday

Online stores have a weekly cycle for when they start offering discount codes. Usually, they begin rolling them out on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Stick to shopping on these days for the best deals.

Use A Credit Card

So long as you pay off your credit card quickly, using a credit card for online shopping can make for a far better experience. One of the perks is that credit cards are refunded almost immediately.

Debit cards tend to take a lot longer to refund and this can lead to frustration.