5 Ways to Reduce Employee Absences

When you run a business, employee absences can cost you a lot of money. If this is becoming a problem for you, then you need to find new ways to combat it. Here are five ways that should reduce the number of absences.

1. Get to the Bottom of the Causes

There are many different causes of absenteeism. You really need to understand what these causes are if you are going to stop the problem of absences in your office. You can do this by asking people directly why they are not coming into work. You should make it clear that you won’t punish them and just want to know. This might reveal something, such as workplace bullying, that you didn’t even know was going on in your office. It’s always best to try to understand the problem before confronting it.

2. Clarify Your Policies

If the previous method doesn’t’ work out for you or solve your problem, you need to clarify your policies. You should always make clear what you expect of your employees. And this can only be done if the rules of the workplace are made absolutely clear to everyone who you employ. So, tell everyone that you expect to be given a genuine reason for absences. And then you will probably need to construct some sort of repercussion system, in which people get warnings before being sacked.

3. Use an Assistance Programme

Employee assistance programmes are good because they offer medical support and advice to employees. This means that they will be able to stay healthy, and they can be given support without having to take time off work. From an employer’s point of view, that can only be a good thing. And it’s also a great thing for your employees who will get the medical support that they need. If you want to learn more about EAP visit Peninsula Group. It could be the best investment you make.


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4. Encourage Good Health

Another way to make sure that people spend less time off sick is to promote good health. Of course, you shouldn’t try to tell people how to live their lives. But there are ways in which you can promote good health in your business each day. For example, you could promote a cycling scheme that encourages people to get active when coming to work and going home. You should also encourage people to walk around during the day and avoid repetitive strain injuries at their desks.

5. Create an Office People Want to Work In

Sometimes, people just don’t like the idea of spending time in a particular office. It’s a dull place where everyone is walking around with a frown, then people won’t enjoy being there. So, making the place a slightly more pleasant place to be could actually have a big impact. In visual terms, you should let plenty of natural light into the room and make the office modern and bright. And you should also encourage employees more and offer them motivation rather than just ignoring them.