5 Most Useful Gadgets for College Students

This article covers five gadgets that no student should be without. It is true that most of these gadgets are fairly pricey, but they are very good at making a student’s life a lot easier. The list is in no particular order. Each gadget is great at fixing a common problem that students have, such as problems waking up in a morning, problems organizing their time, or problems finding their keys. With these five gadgets a student will be set up and prepared to take tackle their college learning with ease.

1. A tablet device with EverNote on it

A tablet device is going to allow a student to check up on their schedule, work on their projects, and organize their day–all whilst on the move/outside. They can add little bits to essays and check app functions whilst they are on trains, waiting for appointments, or even during the lull in a conversation when all the students are sat on the grass watching the college football team practice.

Add EverNote to the Tablet and the student is in a very good position to do well at college. EverNote allows students to create notes, to file them and organize them. This means that any reminders they have, any ideas they have, or any appointments and notes they need keep can be placed upon their Tablet device for use later.

A student who uses this tool every day becomes more organized, and is able to better put their ideas to use (instead of forgetting them or scribbling them on a notebook).

2. A SmartPhone with a budgeting app on it

Once you have found your favorite device, you can save money with the latest mobile coupon appDon’t go for the ones that are linked to your bank accounts. They may be very secure, and may be very trustworthy, but in our highly technological age, there is no point in putting your account at further risk.

By all means get a budgeting app, but if it is able to link and sync with your bank account then give it a miss. Even if you do not use the bank account sync function–the app itself is going to be targeted by hackers from here to Afghanistan.

3.  A dynamic alarm clock

Any student should have an alarm clock, but you need to go one better and get a dynamic one. It is very easy to ignore the alarm on your phone. It is very easy to click “snooze” for ten minutes sessions over the course of two hours. It is also very easy to “tune-out” the noise of your phone until it gives up or its battery dies.

You need an alarm clock that moves along the floor (such as the runaway alarm clock) so that you have to get out of bed and catch it. Failing that you should get an alarm clock that is loud and moves. The movement and noise is sometimes enough to make people get up.

Or finally, you should get an alarm clock that gets louder every five minutes until it is loud enough to wake up the whole dorm. You should also place it at the other side of the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

4. A keyboard with a touch and click interface

This has many names, but it is basically a keyboard that has a small touch based nub in the middle. You run your index finger along it so move the mouse cursor, and then lightly tap is to click. It is good because it means that a student does not need to lift his/her hands off of the keyboard in order to move the mouse cursor and click. Once a student gets used to it–it is great for helping them stay in the “zone”. When they are writing loads of material and they need as few distractions as possible.

5.  A whistle and find electric device.

This is a great little device to help you find things. You whistle and it beeps. People used to attach them to their keys in the nineties, but you can buy a handful and attach them to all the things you need for your day, such as your wallet, keys, phone and backpack.

Before you rush out of the door, all you need to do is whistle and you can locate all of your items in one go. It is also fun if some hottie whistles at you in the street… because you will be able to beep back at them without lifting a finger.

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