3 Simple Tips For Starting A Drain Cleaning Company


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Although it doesn’t seem like the most glamorous business venture, a drain cleaning company is profitable. No matter where you are, there will be people that need their drains cleaned and unblocked. It’s something that isn’t avoidable, so the demand is constantly there. Plus, blocked drains are a real issue for homeowners. They create foul odours and need to be fixed immediately. As a result, they’re willing to pay a high price for someone to come round and rid them of this problem.

So, if you want to start a drain cleaning company, then these tips will help you out:

Decide Where You’ll Operate

With a business idea like this, you have a big question to think about. Where are you going to operate? Will you try and cover a vast area, or will you be quite local? For me, I’d stay local in the early stages of your company. It’s likely you’ll either be doing everything on your own or have a couple of employees. So, sticking to a small area makes much more sense. As your business develops and grows, that’s when you should consider expanding.


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Buy All Your Supplies

Some people debate whether you should buy or rent your supplies for a company like this. There will be a lot of things you need, and they vary from job to job. Personally, I’d buy your supplies as renting can be draining on your finances. Now, you have to think about what supplies you’re going to need. Think about it; a draining company requires quite a lot of plumbing equipment. You need high power drain unblockers and bleach to clean drains. Not to mention a range of tools to get into the drainage systems and dislodge things. You might also consider looking if there are any septic trucks for sale to help unblock sewage pipes, etc. There’s a lot you’ll need, so make a list and then buy it all.

Stand Out From The Rest

When something is a good business idea, there tends to be a lot of competition. A quick look on Google will tell you there are some drain cleaning companies in your area already. Does this mean you shouldn’t bother starting one? No, of course not! It means you should start thinking of ways to stand out from the rest of them. One thing I highly recommend is to offer an emergency service to your customers. Tell them that you can be down on the same day as you’re called. No matter the time, you’ll be at their front door, in the case of a drain emergency. This is something people love and need from a drain cleaning company.

Of course, there are loads of other business ideas out there that you can attempt. Personally, I think this is the ideal business for a self-employed plumber to try. If you have a knowledge of draining systems, then this can be a real money-maker for you. Make sure you pay attention to my tips, and your company will be up and running in no time.