2012onwards.com – PR2, do-follow, Keywordluv and Commentluv Enabled Blog

Hello Guys, As you all know that we(Atish & Zainil) have Launched this 2012onwards.com on the first January 2012. From the time it is great going on with your love and time. I already wrote a post in which we have got PR 2 for this blog.

Now I want to let you all know that 2012onwards.com is now open for guest blogging. You all love our site TechTricksWorld.Com and We want the same love for this site too. We have made this site do-follow from today so that when you can get do-follow links via commenting here.

Oh! I thought its little less for our readers so I made some favor for our readers and enabled Keywordluv and Commentluv too.

So guys read the news about cell phones and other gadgets. If you like the post then comment here and get do-follow link on your favorite keywords with the help of keywordluv. Also one link for your blog’s post.

I wanted to let you know the benefits of keywordluv in detail But then thought that all of you are smarter and already knowing much about it so I am not going in detail. its always get links on the keywords so that your site can perform better in search pages for that particular keywords.

That’s all I wanted to let you know guys. we will focus on posting more posts consistently from now.