Top 10 Editor’s Choice Android Apps

Besides helping you chill with streaks of fun and that of frolic; android gaming series excels in mind boggling variety of applications, which makes you learn and grow with treasured experience. Somewhere down the line, any series of application needs to strike a judicious amalgam of fun and reason; so that the user is both entertained as well as enlightened. In view of both these factors; the prized pick choice of an editor can include the following

  • Sprinkling

The game can be as much entertaining as mind boggling, as you make your deals through a mesh of water related dynamics.

  • Swiftkey tricks

In case, you want a relaxing break from the daily deals of keyboard typing; the application can add to the counts of speed and that of power. It has a delightful capacity to predict what you are supposed to type out. Isn’t that wonderful and awesome?

  • On the lookout for water

The game excels in its package of entertainment with music, visual graphics and splashing effects of flowing water.

  • Goo balls and their world

They inhabit a strange world; but they are unaware of their gaming spree. Neither do they mind being a part of your fun filled package of creation and entertainment.

  • Puzzles out of matches

Puzzle and mysteries add to the thrill quotient of a game. Similar is true of this prized package, where it gets down to the basics of careful matching.

  • Fun with monkeys

It is easy to build up your spree of entertainment with monkeys loafing all over the place. You may have the cell tilted to have them climbing right, left and center. Do remember, you add to the count of score by having them hit the car tops.

  • Classic puzzle- Hanoi Tower

It’s a classy tower and you need to have its base dislodged. But that isn’t the end of the deal; you need to reposition it as well. But, there are minimum rules to abide by. Out of the several existing pieces, you are only allowed to dislodge one, in a given sequence of time. Disks have to be placed in a sequential order so that the progression takes on a towering look.

  • Electronika Deluxe

The name sounds high and posh. That’s because with this game under your belt, you can go for the option of full screen. But this is one of the commonly relevant deals where, you have the hens laying eggs. Wolves are found to be on their stint of collection. It can be one of the amazing options for the kids on fray.

  • Treasure hunt with jewels

That’s looks and sounds most exciting, as you move about in your quest for treasure. It is lost and hidden for you to be on the kill.

  • Boys looking around for speed

It can be a treasured ride through fun and speed. The so called ‘BMX boy’; has to be maneuvered across a series of obstacles as that will add to your score sheet.
There is yet another array of amazing options for you to chance around with.

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