The Best Green Apps for iPhone

Some apps that aid in users go green are definitely better than others. With the growing dilemma of ecological destruction, the future of our environment is now present in our hands. It’s time for us to think about our mother earth in everything we do in our day to day activities.

However, there are lots of green apps out there that provide excellent rules for a natural living. These iphone apps are very important especially for environment-conscious mobile phone users.

The Best Green Apps for iPhone

Since I’m very much crazy in terms of apps, I’ve put together a list of five that I use on a daily basis. They’re selected because they’re more valuable than most, easy to operate, appealing to check out and regarded my favorites of the bunch.

Here I’m listing 5 the best green apps for the iPhone

Clear Standards’ Carbon Tracker

This iPhone application (free) uses GPS to calculate your carbon footprint based on just how much your journey. You’ll be able to chart your carbon emission changes by month and put targets to lower them.

The app factors release for planes, train and automobiles, along with several other motor vehicles. Additionally it lets you change between miles and kilometers, just in case you should emit carbon abroad. This particularly app is certainly worth installing, if focused on reduce the carbon footprints.


This application help people make a choice in the most eco-friendly customers by checking out the food value, the elements and many more choices. It may help recognize items that are green, secure and strong.

It makes use of ratings for more than 120,000 items in its data source. The application has also a bar code scanner that will make it much better to search for items.

Green Genie

Produced in cooperation with a LEED Accredited Professional plus a specialist Sustainability Advisor, this app gives you comprehensive advice to living sustainably. It offers big assortment of green projects and assets that will certainly enlighten and inform you regarding living green. The app also features above 100 projects, sharing features, links to various carbon footprint calculators, damage of certified green items, extensive glossary of green terminology and a lot more.


It analyzes carbon emissions for various modes of travel including by plane, bicycle, bus, car, ferry, and even more. Additionally it measures up the carbon footprints of your neighbors and connections and tells the owner to find less harming travel preferences. End users can even compare their carbon footprints with other Twavel users from the world over. The built-in networking sites in this application allow end users to share their ideal marks, suggestions and connections with other environment-conscious people today.

Green Book

 This application can provide uncomplicated green recommendations into the environment-conscious users that assist decrease the carbon footprint. In particular, save and conserve trees by going paperless, avoiding receipts at ATMs, unplugging equipment when not being used etc.

The law of nature has given countless things to humanity, for example, abundant resources naturally, food, water and much more that can help us live a comfortable life. We’ve misused her to a significant degree without recognizing the resultant ills. It is our responsibility to safeguard her. It’s time we give back something to universe and protect her from ills. Let’s put in place all of our efforts that can help earth by leading a natural life. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily take much effort to lead a green life.

Get back to me in the comments which apps I’ve missed – and likewise what other green apps you suggest on different mobile platforms, similar to Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android.

The author, Mohd Aktar, is a writer and professional blogger. He is also a leader in writing blogging, Technology New, Gadgets, How-To Guides related topics. He is currently working for web designers Taiwan, a leading Dubai web design company that provides web design solution in Kuwait, Bahrain, Sharjah and Middle East.


  1. I don’t even know these apps exist! Gosh they really create apps for everything yea? I’m going to check if they have any for android! Nice post Mohd.

  2. I never Heard of these green apps. Thanks for post thing these. Save environment Go green!!

  3. Go Green! Nice apps list. never heard because I am not an iPhone user.

  4. I love Good Guide app because it is somehow simple to use and fast to load. Thanks for sharing @Mobd

  5. This is great, i was not knowing about the apps and we really need to go green with tech for the well wishing of the earth eco system.

  6. Apparently most of them are about your Carbon dioxide footprint. But is it fair to put in the emmision from the plane on me, when I’m sharing it with so many people? If I am not on the plane, the plane will still fly.

  7. Hi Akhtar,
    These are some interesting green apps for iphone. It will also be a good thing if people use these apps on regular basis.

  8. Or you could, you know, not have a comically expensive telephone in the first place. There’s something laughable about trying to help the environment through the use of a piece of technology that cost more than square mile of rain forest timber.

  9. I’ve read many articles that describe the negative of iPhone in our earth. Well, this is the counterpart of it. I think it will have a negative effect if it will be used in bad ideas but I’m sure there’s a way to eliminate this, just like in this article which is he greenapps. I think one example of it is apps like showing direction of a location. Drivers will easily find their location without using too much fuel because of finding it. Saving fuel is one example of a green practice to save earth. There are many ways to save our environment, we should really start the action now.

  10. Mobile payment apps have also done their part on the Green side. maybe not anything major but at least cut out the amount of paper being wasted on billing and receipts. All that simply just gets emailed to the customer.

  11. Dear Akhtar , I like Soaib Akhtar and i also like your green apps for my iPhone.

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