Tablet Aksah – A Hit or a failure ?

The World’s cheapest tablet Aksah which is the latest and hottest news of the gadget market. At the time of its launch Mr. Kapil Sibbal said the tablet will be available to every student ofIndiaat $35, This will improve the education system ofIndia. The tablet will be helping every children to enhance their learning quality.

Everyone in India is excited to order Akash and Huge number of orders had been placed already. But after all this, doubts about the efficiency of Akash are raising.  People has doubt whether the tablet Akash can fulfill the purpose of its release?

So The Question is , Why the doubts are raising?

Here are the reasons for the raising doubts:-

Low Quality Display

The display of Akash tablet has no HD output. Its screen has very poor resolution. If you want to use this tablet in brightness such as in full sunlight then its not able to display anything properly because the screen reflects the light. You can be restricted to use this in the places where there is no brightness, In short I would say you cannot use it properly in the sunlight.

Lacking Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth is one of the most important technology which we use in daily life. This Tablet is lacking Bluetooth support and that’s a measure drawback of it. Its really needed because students might need to exchange data with their friends or teachers.

Low Processor

It has too low processor that is 336 MHz. Its running on Android OS. How Android can run smoothly on this low processor. Half of the resource will be used by the OS only then how can we run multiple tasks on it.

Quick Heating

Akash Tablet heats up quickly because of overburden on the processor. The processor has very low capacity and the OS is Android, with that we also use other tasks. So the processor cannot tolerate this much of burdens and resulting in heat up.

No Android Market Place

The Tablet Akash runs on Android but it has no android market place which means you are restricted to use a number of android apps. You will have to be happy with the given apps.

These 5 were the main drawbacks in My opinion. The list has not been ended few more are here such as:-

1. Hardware will not support upgrades.
2. No external speakers.
3. Touchscreen is too resistive etc.

Any way after all this the demand of Akash Is raising day by day. Its price is 4000 INR.

The pricing is given as:

Tablet cost – 2500/- INR
Shipping cost – 200/- INR
4GB or 8GB MicroSD card – 500/- INR to Rs 800/- INR
No earphones given, purchase one separately  – around 400/- INR

Total Cost: 4000/- INR

Share your views about Akash – The Cheapest tablet Of the World..!


  1. Cool phone, let’s see how success it’ll go.

  2. That’s why I wondered why it is so cheap rated. I personally don’t like its configuration and the other tablets in the market are far better than it even if they are expensive.

  3. As of now, in all colleges of Mumbai university, the students version of Akash tablets is been offered for around 1200 INR..!!!

  4. OMG! I thought that all the power of normal tablets in it But from your article I came to know that It has low configuration. I have doubt about its success but however Its good for students because they can read e-books in this while travelling etc.

  5. Cool friend, I really love what you’ve just shared in this 🙂

  6. The students version has many drawbacks… whereas ubislate7, the upgraded version of akash is quite good !!

  7. It looks okay for a $35 dollar tablet, i bet if released in my country it would sell.

  8. I think its a bit expensive one, and also I didn’t like the OS version of this tablet.

  9. Hey Atish nice post. The poisnts you mentioned are quite good but you have to cnsider that the government is providing this tablet for the poor children so you can’t expect it to have feature like BB playbook

  10. No doubt it is a failure. I ordered it 4 months ago in December and it was expected to arrive in February. Still no sign of arrival.

  11. This tablet has so many demerits but the outer appearance looks very good with attractive design and compact size.

  12. cheap things are never a failure , though akash is waste tablet but still people want to buy it just because it is cheap

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