Should we trust apps to tell us how to shop?

Our cell phone is something that has become as important as oxygen or water. Every now and then we check our phones and actually depend on them for a lot of things. Recently, people have shown increased inclination towards the use of apps that help them organize their shopping. There are many different apps available in the stores for the smartphones that helps the users make lists, tells them where to shop from and allows them to compare the prices of different things of the same category. However, the question here arises whether or not these apps are credible and not mislead the shoppers.

As a matter of fact, it is kind of really hard to know if the apps are providing the right information or not. In order to keep up with the expectations of the people and their trust in the apps, the database provided by these shopping assistance apps should constantly be updated. Also, the apps should not just provide information about the top retailers or the top brands, but also of the small shops that might have good stuff at reasonable prices. Another thing that is important is that the database should not just ne updated about the number of different shops in the same area, for example, but should also give updates about the increase or decrease in prices of the items. By keeping the shopper constantly aware of the prices and the fresh arrivals etc, the apps will gain more popularity and the trust of the users.

The apps that can be trusted blindly while shopping and that actually very helpful in organizing shopping is the list making software. For example, if you are working in the kitchen and you realize that something is about to finish, you can immediately add that to your shopping list, which can be retrieved the next time you go for shopping.

It saves you the multiple visits you have to make to the superstores because every time you forget to buy something that you needed. Similarly, you can add the prices of various things that you wish to buy in the future so that you can adjust your budget accordingly. Smart Shopping List keeps you aware all the time of the things that you need to buy and also keeps you informed of how much you have already spend or will have to spend according to the shopping list that you have made. Thus, it tells you what your priorities are and what are the things that you need to buy immediately and what are the things that you can postpone for the future or when you have extra money.

The credibility of the apps that help in shopping can be increased by adding some more features to them. First off, there should be a feature that would make it possible for the users to edit the list once they have added the things to it for the list making software, instead of starting a new list all over again if they want to remove an item etc. Secondly, there should be more cross platform support. This means that one should be able to sync the information that they get from these apps to or from their desktops or laptops to their smartphone.

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  1. As we are totally depending on our smartphones we have to believe in what our smartphones prefer to do.As prescribed above the updates of such apps are really required.these lists will help up not to forget any thing.

  2. I like shopping online. But what are the apps that you’re mentioning? Could you please name one or two of these apps for Android?

  3. I saw something about shoppinglists and apps that help you find the cheapest place to buy your groceries on a bbc show about the house of the future.
    In the future we will probably have something similar to an ipad stuck to our fridge.

  4. I agree that it is quite a risk to allow apps to have access to our personal and financial records. It is obvious that we are advancing too fast in todays world, but at the same time, the new inventions are also giving way to hackers and scamsters trying to loot the public.

  5. No we shouldn’t, the reason being that there is no actual advantage and several potentially harmful consequences. I don’t mind price comparison in theory, but such programs invariably have a bias or limited sample selection. The end result is that you’re always better off searching manually.

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