Secure your Android with Bitdefender

ANDROID, the newest & the most used word in the mobile world! Initially Symbian & Java were the king in the mobile OS but now Android has come to compete them! Due to several advantages, the smart phone developers are developing their newer units with Android OS in it. Hence Android is getting a lot of fame in the market! 🙂 But it is truly said that, fear comes with fame! So are you using a smart phone with Android OS..?? Is your data in your smart phone safe..??

We always seek to secure our personal computers may it be desktops or laptops. We would install antivirus programs, firewall, anti spy etc… These programs help us to protect our data in our computers. All the malicious codes which try to harm our data & system get blocked by the programs like antivirus & firewalls. But have you installed any such protective programs in your smart phones..??

Lately I found that Bitdefender Antivirus which usually provided security services for the computers has now developed a security application for the smart phones. Bitdefender is now providing cloud based scanning technology for the devices running on Android!

The Bitdefender Mobile Security which works as an antivirus for Android provides antivirus & web security functions, which helps to detect the latest threats & in turn keep your phone protected! One of the best part of this application is that, it the best security service without straining the battery!

The Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android is in 2 versions; the free version & the premium version. You can download the free version from Google play or buy the premium version for £6.95/year. But indeed the premium version is recommended as it provides some advanced features which are not provided in the free version. The following are the features which are provided on in the premium version:

Anti Theft

One of the major problems of using the portable devices is that we tend to lose them. Theft is really a big issue which is considered while investing a big sum of money in the smart phones. But as every problem has a solution, Bitdefender has now solved this problem. With the android application of Bitdefender, you can you can easily trace & lock your device. The anti theft module is of real use in times of accidental thefts!

Web Security

3G networks has made like very fast. Everyone is now using their cell phones to browse around the World Wide Web. But please don’t forget that it is a web & you can be trapped. There are 1000’s of fake pages on the Internet, which contain such codes, which intent to harm your data. But with another amazing feature of Bitdefender, you can receive alerts while browsing. The web security feature will keep on alerting you when you are about the visit a page with malicious code!

Apart from these feature, Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android has many other features like On Install Scanning, On Demand Scanning, Application audit etc… These features are available in both; free and premium versions!

So now what are you waiting for..?? If you have an android 2.2 or later with an active Internet connection, then just go & download the Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android & secure your data in your smart phone! 🙂 I am sure that you will certainly enjoy using this application! 🙂 🙂

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