Rising Interest for Voice Recognition Apps

Voice recognition apps are of keen interest for a large number of Smartphone users as these apps can access Smartphone on the voice of owners. This amazing technology eliminates the use of keyboard as the user can do several things on his Smartphone with his voice. The voice recognition capabilities of mobile phone platform like Apple iOS and Android today have increased to a large extent due to increase in advanced technology. Due to better voice recognition, the popularity of voice recognition apps is continuously increasing all around the world. However, that’s not the only reason behind its increasing popularity. People around the world want improved user interfaces, and they don’t want to depend solely on touch-screen for interacting with their Smartphones. Moreover, the restriction of using cellphone while driving is also a reason behind increase demand of voice recognition apps. Here is a roundup of some best voice recognition apps for your Smartphone:

Google Mobile Apps: This is a free voice recognition app supported by Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. You can put your fingers at rest with Google Mobile apps. No matter you are using Android Google quick search box, iPhone Google mobile app, or BlackBerry Google search app, the app will enables you to access Google with your power of voice. This will allows you to search on web, contacts, texting etc. without lifting your fingers.

Vlingo: The basic version of this interesting app is free for Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone, and iOS platform. It is like a personal assistant for all the Smartphone users. This amazing app does all your functions on your Smartphone whether you want to update FB status, search an item on web, make a call, or send a text message.

Siri Assistant: Siri Assistant is a great app for all iOS users. Vlingo can help its users with several tasks like finding restaurants, locating theater tickets, booking taxis, and making reservations. This is a great app works as personal assistant for users and learns about their personal preferences too. It does all your work by just recognizing your voice.

Drive Safely Pro: Drive safely pro is another interesting voice recognition app for all Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users. The users have to pay $13.95 per year to use this amazing app on their Smartphones. This is a very useful app for all those who want to do texting while driving. Drive Safely Pro is an app, which will help the users to text messages and compose messages by voice. You can do messaging from anywhere without even moving your fingers. However, the free version of this app for Android will only read incoming messages for the users.

Jibbigo Voice Translation: This app will cost you $4.99, if you are an Android or iOS user. This new app will listens to your talk in a specific language and translates it into another language. You will find this app in eight different languages: English, Filipino, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish German, Japanese, and Korean language.

Summary: Voice recognition Apps is a latest trend in the Smartphone market.

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