Top 5 Nokia Budget Phones


Nokia phones have always been known to provide quality at a reasonable price. Such an approach augured well given that the Indian consumer is price conscious. There are a slew of Nokia phones under and just over the Rs.5k mark. The following information lists 5 of the best Nokia budget phones that are low on price and high on quality. ... Read More »

STEAM BOX – New Era in Gaming World or a False Alarm?

For long a period, consoles have ruled the gaming world. Sony were the pioneers with its Playstaion range, but Microsoft gave it a run for its money with its Xbox, also add to that mix Nintendo’s Wii. They all have their religious followers, who swear on their mom’s name that their console gives the best performance rest are all S**t. ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Z Mobile – Pros & Cons along with Full Review


Sony has come up with two Android mobiles at Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Among them, Sony Xperia Z is getting good response because of its specs and features. This mobile can be considered as next big thing from Sony and is expected to shake the mobile market. This mobile has all the potential to pump up the value of Sony ... Read More »

Secretly Monitor Behavior of Your Child, Spouse or Employee


If you are anxious about your spouse’s behavior, or concerned about your child’s safety, or dissatisfied by your unproductive employees, and if you are in a search of an easy solution that takes away all your worries, android spy software can help you the best. It works like an undercover cop on a secret mission. It helps u not only ... Read More »

Android 2012: A Year in Review and 2013 Predictions


All in all the Android performed strong in 2012. Some of the advances were easy to predict, but others were a bit surprising. Intel decided to throw its hat in the ring for mobile processing units and didn’t quite get the job done. Longer battery life in mobile devices became a central concern. The development of quad-core processors brought lightening ... Read More »

iOS Games Are Sporting A New Look In 2013

Infinity Blade Dungeons

It’s not a bold claim to say that 2012 was the best year for mobile gaming yet and in the case of Apple’s iOS things can only get better in 2013. With the release of the iPhone 5 and the extra handed-odd pixels it gives developers to play around with, we can expect to see some truly stunning releases in ... Read More »

Fix SD Card Compatibility Problems in Surface RT Tablet

Fix SD Card Compatibility Problems

Windows 8 is the first potential try by Microsoft in the for the portable market space and in its initial days, it seems that it is a bit hit and miss. Windows 8 is aimed to bring a true Desktop environment along with the functionality of Windows but as opposed, it is not perfect. Bring home the Surface RT and insert ... Read More »

How Mobile Internet Technology Helping or Hurting Your Local Search

mobile technology

There are thousands of job related websites on the internet. Some companies have even modified their application forms that now require candidates to give information regarding their internet usage.   Actually, everyone (who uses the internet) has a digital identity. Companies, when hiring, often run an online search to know about a candidate’s past that helps them judge his or ... Read More »