Hands on the Large Screen Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 comprises some of the renowned features into one. Having an awesome 6 inch screen with 1080p resolution, it has become the pioneer as far as the first ever Windows Phone is concerned. Its large polycarbonated body doesn’t do justice to its nanoSIM tray, since you have to get away with your old sim card though. Processor of ... Read More »

On the Job Hunt? Best Apps to Help You Find a Job


With the unemployment rates drowsily stumbling towards healthy numbers, everyone needs a little help finding jobs. Try these job hunt apps to help you land a position in a steady industry. These apps could be the difference between finding a job now and praying that your unemployment benefits can keep you afloat until the economy recovers. LunchMeet Helps You Network Image via ... Read More »

New Apple iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c:The better one?

The fall of this year is certainly turning out to be unique for Apple Inc. as the new iPhone 5c has slowly turned into nothing less than a rage in the technology market. The response to the new model has been mixed with some critics criticizing some of the newest additions to the phone while the others are too enthralled ... Read More »

FoodPanda.in – Order Delicious Food in India

I am a blogger and work online all the time. I love my work and am always busy with it. I used to take some short breaks with a mug of Coffee during my busy works and I spend time to visit some useful websites. Rainy season started here and last week there was heavy rain. I love to see ... Read More »

Top Safety Apps for Women

With the increasing toll of criminal cases which are more related to women’s,the security of the women is of paramount concern. We all know some NGO’s and legal authorities are deploying some steps to make the safer India for the women but some of these steps are proving to be vain effort after all instead of decrease in rapist attacks ... Read More »

Download OLX Android APP to Buy and Sell on the Go

OLX Android App

India has entered the age of consumerism. Changing in the consumer shopping behavior is now evident with the growing technology. Online Classified websites serve as an essential platform to buy and sell used product in such evolving internet market. Free Online classifieds in India such as OLX connects individual buyers and sellers and allows disinter-mediation sell, buy, rent etc. with another individual. The classifieds ... Read More »

Importance of Social Media in Small Businesses

The world of business has shifted drastically over the last seven years.  Previously, small businesses participated in outbound marketing strategies designed to place their business in front of potential customers. This outbound marketing strategy included running newspaper advertisements, billboards, postal mailers, and several other relatively aggressive tactics. Today, the focus for small businesses has changed to a seemingly more passive ... Read More »

Gecko Home Cinema – The Name Which Does Not Need Any Introduction

gecko Cinema

In such a fast paced life with endless tensions and worries, it become all the more important to spend quality time by recreating yourself to the fullest on daily basis. Since, this exercise work wonders in equally preparing to start the next day with great gusto and fun. Listening to music or watching your daily action movies refresh your mind, ... Read More »

Toll Free Number Services for Businesses

Toll Free Number Services for Businesses or the relevant business when the customer reaches it through a call. These numbers are used by businesses to build a customer focused reputation and perspective in market. Toll free numbers have become indispensable for making businesses grow and flourish in market today. Toll Free Number Services A large amount of toll free number services ... Read More »

Portable Consoles Games Struggle Against Mobile Apps

The mobile games platform has boomed recently, with company’s such as Zynga and King enjoying considerable returns on their popular app titles. However, as consumers move from more traditional devices to mobile gaming, the portable games console market has been left struggling. The app market has posed many challenges for console developers, such as Nintendo, who are seeing consumer spending ... Read More »