Choose the Right Android Smartphone


We all want a kind of smartphone that not only helps us to access internet with ease but it should also be beneficial to complete our day to day task. Isn’t it? We check different types of options but it happens that sometimes we do not like the features and sometimes the price tag. So many of us simply wait ... Read More »

Must have Windows Apps


The heading of the article would have been an irony in the past time that went with the earlier Windows phones. Now what? We have better and smarter Windows phones which can run any app that asks for the configuration that was not seen in any other Windows phone. The introduction of the Windows Phone 8 OS, brought a revolution ... Read More »

Fun with 404 pages: How to Make it Happen

A bog-standard Error 404 page, which you find on most websites if a URL is typed in incorrectly or if some content previously on the site has been deleted, will contain a short message informing you of that fact. Informative though they are, they don’t do anything else, which is why some site owners are using them as a blank ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Snapdragon 800 Gives Record-Breaking Benchmark

You will be very surprised to realise that the Sony Xperia ZU has emerged as the fastest Smartphone on earth according to the benchmark results by AnTuTu. This device was showing its Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset as the best and fastest mobile setup. According to those benchmark results by the AnTuTu, Sony Xperia ZU scored 32173 in the results which ... Read More »

Know your Toner Cartridges – the basics

Laser printers are the order of the day at every office these days. There’s every chance that you are already using a laser printer, or are planning to buy one. You can easily find a reasonably priced laser printer. However, you must keep into mind the costs of toner cartridges that the laser printer uses. Surprised? This article intends to ... Read More »

BlackBerry Z30 – Full Specification & Review

BlackBerry Z30

It has not been so long when the BlackBerry was sold out, so the announcement of company’s newest all touchscreen flagship is quite weird. Moreover it comes out of the blue with BlackBerry’s largest touchscreen till date – a 5 inch one! Loaded with a powerful 1.7 GHz processor and BlackBerry 10 OS on the deck. Full Specifications of BlackBerry Z30 ... Read More »

Hands on the Large Screen Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 comprises some of the renowned features into one. Having an awesome 6 inch screen with 1080p resolution, it has become the pioneer as far as the first ever Windows Phone is concerned. Its large polycarbonated body doesn’t do justice to its nanoSIM tray, since you have to get away with your old sim card though. Processor of ... Read More »

On the Job Hunt? Best Apps to Help You Find a Job


With the unemployment rates drowsily stumbling towards healthy numbers, everyone needs a little help finding jobs. Try these job hunt apps to help you land a position in a steady industry. These apps could be the difference between finding a job now and praying that your unemployment benefits can keep you afloat until the economy recovers. LunchMeet Helps You Network Image via ... Read More »

New Apple iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c:The better one?

The fall of this year is certainly turning out to be unique for Apple Inc. as the new iPhone 5c has slowly turned into nothing less than a rage in the technology market. The response to the new model has been mixed with some critics criticizing some of the newest additions to the phone while the others are too enthralled ... Read More » – Order Delicious Food in India

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