Belkin QODE with unlimited keyboard of iPads


The Belkin Qode is the ultimate case of the iPad keyboard that is the case of folio style for placing the iPad with the built in blue tooth keyboard. This device use to deliver experience of the nice typing for the users as well as it is the higher end version that was recently reviewed having the slim style. It ... Read More »

Processing of the Moto E Credit Cards

Moto is the acronym for mailing the order, or order on phone, however it is not the business of the mail order that use the processing of this typing. Any of the business that manually keys the information of the card whenever the card is not presents then this card will participate in the processing of the Moto. Some of ... Read More »

4 Reasons You Should Start Using Free Classified Sites as a Part of your Marketing Strategy


There are a number of marketing techniques available which can be used to promote your business, brand and the products it sells. One of the most lucrative and inexpensive ways to market your business products is by using free classified sites. Free classified sites help businesses, small or large, save thousands of dollars which would have otherwise been spent on ... Read More »

Robotic Arm 101 – All There is To Know About Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm

The 20th century has seen the introduction of many useful technologies. Perhaps one of the most celebrated inventions in the field relates to the discovery of the robotic arm. The robotic arm is programmed in such a way that it is capable of manipulating objects in a similar fashion as a human arm. Ever since the unveiling of the device, ... Read More »

One Click File Transfer For Smartphones – Wondershare Mobile Trans

Transfer Data

The global mobile market is growing in an impulsive speed and smartphones are being utilized by the people for entertainment, business, productivity or personal purposes right now. Even though the technology has improved a lot, most of the smartphones were manufactured in such a way that they have tendency to transfer the contacts only. Then, how to transfer call logs, ... Read More »

Recover partitions using EaseUS Partition Master

Are you looking for Partition Manager and recovery software? EaseUS Partition Master Professional is an all-in-one software to manage partitions, allocate disk space, recover the partitions and extend the existing partitions. It is one of the best partition software and disk management tool that allows to settle low disk space problem and manage the partitions smoothly. This utility offers all ... Read More »

Welcome Back @ 2012Onwards

It’s awesome to see all of you once again! 🙂 I know, you must be wondering like “what’s the matter?” I tell you. The reason why I have been missing 2012Onwards’ readers is that the site went down for two days, this week. Yes, you heard it right. 2012Onwards has been showing a database error since 2nd Feb, 2014 that ... Read More »

LG G2 – Specifications & Features


There have been a rain of LG device, and it feels like singing the Marc Anthony and Pitbull starred song “Let it rain over me!!!” Jokes apart, the LG have been on a rise this year, and must say, this rise is all due to the hard work of the developers and designers sitting there and working to give something ... Read More »

Significance of Screenguards and Mobile cases

Smartphones are not just normal mobile phones now. They serve many different purposes such as calling our contacts, saving images, videos, reminders and many others. In other words they are like small computers in the pockets. Moreover smartphones are not that cheaper. They are not affordable easily by everyone as they are costly pieces. Irrespective of the cost of these ... Read More »